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Secret Garden Dress Pattern Review, Giveaway & Discount Code

Today we are so excited to share with you the Secret Garden Dress, which you can get now by using the enter code SGTOUR25 for 25% off the dress pattern price until Monday, the 29th at 11:59pm Eastern Time.  It's such a unique and beautiful dress. I'm glad I found the time to sew this up in the midst of everything else because now I have Ty's Easter dress sewn up 6 months early. And that's a first to be done sewing something so much in advance.
I hadn't planned to make it an Easter dress, but then when were at the fabric store I gave in and let Ty pick the fabric. I had planned to go with something between a cream and a light brown color, but when she found out the fabric I had picked was for her dress she said she wanted to pick the color. In the shelves of colored broadcloth, this periwinkle was the one she chose. The white came from an IKEA drape set that I had bought this spring to make her 2013 Easter dress, but ran out of time in the midst of life.
It was hard for me to surrender because dressing my little girl in pinks and purples everyday is not my thing. Pretty much all the dresses I make or purchase for her have blue or turquoise in it because it makes her eyes seem brighter. It's been fun lately to find all the other colors look good on her too.
That being said, this periwinkle in combination with the white and the pattern design read spring to me. I don't feel like it is a very fall look so we will be saving it for spring. Plus it's about 6 months too big.
The only real modification I made to the pattern was to trace the faux cap sleeve of the Caroline Party Dress bodice onto the Secret Garden Dress bodice pattern before cutting it out. The back is just such an interesting detail I would've hated to cover it up with a sweater or put a shirt under it to cover her shoulders. I also tacked the tip of the flounce lower so that it could have room to fold twice down the back and not just once. Then I tacked the center outside of each of the bends so it would stay exactly where I wanted it.
The pattern is written so well that it has very professional finishes. It's definitely advanced in the way that you almost have to read every step as you go as opposed to how most patterns follow the same basic steps and you can do them with out thinking. The pattern uses an invisible zipper which also makes it really beautiful, but right now it's big enough that we can slide it on without the zipper. I'm definitely thinking of using it in the future with other slight modifications to fit my Ty's style.
I hope you love it as much as I do and go and check out the pattern.
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  1. I've been dying to see this dress since your sneak peaks! So beautiful! I also love the addition of the cap sleeve...I actually think it fits the proportions of the dress really well.

  2. This is gorgeous! I love that white with the lavender. And the cap sleeve is perfect!

  3. WOW. Just wow. Another incredible garment! You ladies are really amazing.
    This dress is awesome and unique and that color is perfect on your daughter.
    Nicely done!!

  4. This dress is just gorgeous! I agree, perfect for spring. I love the daintiness, and the bow back is lovely. I like how you tacked the folds down too. =)

  5. Gorgeous party dress. This is my daughter's fave colour! I don't think the colour scheme is too springy.

  6. I cannot for the life of me get the bodice turned right side out after sewing the armscyes. Do you have any hints for me to use? Thank you.


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