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September Showcase: Fawn Lily

If you haven't voted yet we would really appreciate your vote for our Top Duck look over at Project Run and Play, voting closes Thursday, 18th at 8 PM MST. Now on to the business of Showcasing the Fawn Lily by the talented Rebecca from Rock the Stitch. 
I am sure you have heard of Fawn Lily, I think it is one of the most exciting patterns of 2014. It is so unique in style with lots of great options. I am pinching myself for not sewing this pattern sooner. It is a delightfully fast sew and like the other Willow & Co. patterns I have tried the instructions are clear and give professional results.
The hardest thing for me in this pattern was deciding on the option I wanted to try first. With all the options that Rebecca has packed into this pattern you could sew a mix of different 36 times without repeating the exact same combination. Talk about possibilities.
This time I chose the tunic length with the cross front yoke, a-line skirt, cap sleeve and side pockets. I felt like it was very hard to "flip this pattern" because Rebecca had explored every avenue her pattern could go and included it in the pattern.
There was one small adjustment that I had to make to the pattern. Boston is incredibly tall and very skinny, so I made the 18M wide and 3T Length. This is a little tricky with the construction of pattern but not so difficult that I couldn't do it tired and sleep deprived.
This pattern is ideal for showcasing fabrics different fabrics. All of my fabrics came from my stash and since each piece needed such little fabric I didn't really struggle using stash fabrics. I knew I wanted to use the vintage deer cotton on the front and back yoke. They were scraps from Slim Jim's baby blanket fabric. It was nice because of the shape of the yoke the small amount of fabric I had was easy to use. The floral was used in this failed project and the sleeve and yoke were from this successful project.
If you were to ask Boston what she thought of her new top she would answer with, "Toooooo cute!" I would have to agree. I also love how much movement it has for has for chasing her brother at the playground. Also because of the separated yoke she can independently dress herself (which is critical for the current "I do it myself" stage that she is going through).
She was very proud of the pockets as well. I used to leave pockets off all patterns but lately I have been trusting my kids a bit more and hoping that they aren't going to put things in their pockets that will ruin a whole load of laundry so far so good.
If you don't already own the Fawn Lily this week is the great time to pick it up at 20% off, by using the Promo Code: SHOWCASE20. There are some other great promos codes here from some other indie designers as part of Showcase.
In addition to all this goodness Frances and Suzanne have also set up a great giveaway were several winners will be chosen. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget to add your link to the Linky party if you have sewn anything from a rising children's indie designer. 
 PS. I wanted to share one of my favorite pictures from this photoshoot but I had to turn it black and white to help me with over exposure. But I love it because it shows how much fun she was having on the swing in her new favorite top.


  1. Love that you used baby blanket scraps. The fit looks great!

  2. Oh, oh oh! My favorite fawn lily ever!

  3. The little deers are so sweet! I am happy she likes it too. My daughter went through a big "I want to do it MYSELF" phase too, so I completely understand. LOL
    You did such a great job with the Fawn Lily! Thank you for your review :)

  4. What a brilliant design! I love how it looks on your girl, AND that B&W photo is just too sweet!

  5. I'm so glad you shared the B&W version....yep, she loves it! Obviously!! Thanks so much for joining us in the "September Showcase" as a designer AND as a guest blogger!!

  6. I really like the floral you used! The deer piecing is darling, and you did a great job fussy-cutting the back one. I love how every version of this pattern (that I've seen) has looked very professional.

  7. Awwww, the deers!!!! SO ADORABLE!!!! I hear ya on the pockets, I usually end up with a washer full of small rocks if I forget to check hers before putting a load in! :)


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