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Sew Ready to Play: Cash Cab Inspired Dress

Well we're back at Sew Ready to Play again this year sharing a whole new look. This time we decided to go with a Cash Cab Inspired Dress.There's also a funny story that came with this project that you can find at the end of the post.
Do you remember the Hi-Lo Cherry-O dress from last year? It was also a part of the same series.
If you're unsure about what Sew Ready to Play is, it's basically just sewing that is inspired by a game. There's not really any rules beyond that so you can be amazed at the variety and uniqueness of things that people come up with.

Louise, the host of the series, at I'm Feelin' Crafty just came up with the coolest Name that Tune Boombox Pillow. Oh man it's awesome. Unfortunately, I am kind of just in a clothing sewing mindset at the moment and I didn't think of anything that clever.
Louise was also the designer for the alligator quilt I made a few months back. She is just so talented, kind, and patient and we love working with her. Be sure to check out her series, I promise you wont be disappointed! 

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