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Jocole Crossover Dress with a Twist for my Sister

I was suppose to share this a few weeks ago as part of the Jocole Blog Tour, but real life really got the best of me in every way (but more on that tomorrow). The sweet ladies from Jocole couldn't have been more genuine and understanding in giving us a deadline extension. I love working with people who are not only talented at the pattern designing but are genuinely kind and helpful.

I was so tickled when we were asked to be on the Jocole Blog Tour I was so excited. The skinny jeans I made as part of the Women's Bundle Up is my favorite pair of jeans and I always remember to do laundry when those are dirty. In all my excitement I knew that I wanted to turn my efforts outward and take this opportunity to use my skills to sew for Jo. Our dear sister, Jo, is a mother of 6 and has pretty much been changing diapers nonstop for the last 11 years. She is so busy with her day to day responsibilities and still finds time to talk to her sisters on the phone and serve those in need with love and kindness. Although life is definitely stressful for her, her countenance shines bright with the love of life and God. You'd think she'd be tired with all of her responsibilities, but without fail anytime she comes around she ends up running around outside with our kids making any game fun. As the big sister, she has always served and looked out for us. Her experiences have made it so she is a great voice of council. The experiences she shares with us help to prepare us for what we will be going through when we have children that age. She is just incredible!

I discussed one on one with her what her perfect outfit would have: she wanted a tea length dress with nursing access and 3/4 length sleeves, she also requested a Demi top to keep her modest while bending over. Her extensive wishlist was easy to attain with mixing and matching the Jocole Patterns. I was surprised to find how easy everything came together. I am used to mixing and matching options but I never have had it be so easy. I have included a few mini-tutorials about how I used the Jocole Patterns so if your interested you can make a similar adaption.

The first adaption I made was using the Easy Cap Sleeve tee for a Demi Top. I initially thought this might take me a bit of work but with the premarked Empire waist line it was crazy easy. I chose to use the front bodice piece for both the front and the back so she didn't have to worry about which way was the front or the back. Also if one side got a stain (as sometimes happens in a mom's life) she wouldn't have to throw it away, she could just keep wearing it. The advantage of a Demi top for layer over a regular cap sleeve tee in this instance is that it kept similar lines to the Crossover Dress and would be easy to move out of the way when it came time to nurse. I initially thought I might need elastic so that it would stay in place but after working on it, it seems because of the great fit of the Easy Cap Sleeve movement wasn't a problem. (PS. Can I tell you a cool fact about the Easy Cap Sleeve? It has 3 different necklines which is like getting 3 patterns in one)
I don't know what is happening with my equation line but I just don't have the brain power to fix it so I am going to let it go.
 Jo is pretty tall like me and most of her height comes from below her chest. She had told me that she wanted the dress to be a mommy friendly tea length. Giving her great back end coverage when she went to bend over to help one of her kids. I added 10 extra inches to help her get to a length she would be happy with.

For the last adaption I used the Mix and Match Empire bodice & the 3/4 length on the Classic sleeve to modify the Crossover Tunic. Once again I went in thinking this was going to be a hard modification but it was a cat walk. Everything matched up perfectly and I was able to get right on sewing. I didn't do a tutorial for this one because Jocole actually has a great tutorial for this adaption (it is where I learned I could do it) so forgive me for not wanting to recreate the wheel. (PS. I have used this combo to help me with other patterns from other designers that don't have the sleeve that I am looking for, I used example I used it here).

Sewing for ourselves can be a real struggle with fit issues and making modifications for our specific needs. I was worried it would be abundantly harder making something for someone who lives 5 1/2 hours away from me. The Jocole patterns really made this project a breeze for me, because the fit is right and the construction is a breeze. I am wanting to sew more things for the women in my life this upcoming holiday season and I know that the Jocole patterns will be leading the way in many of my handmade Christmas gifts. I know that one I can't resist purchasing right now will be the Classy Cowlneck bodice and at $5 how can I resist. 

It was so neat to finally be able to give this to Jo on her birthday weekend, it was great to give back to a woman who means so very much to me.

To make this outfit we used the following Jocole Patterns:
Easy Cap Sleeve tee
Crossover Tunic & Dress
Empire Waist Bodice
Classic sleeve 

It was disappointing when we missed the blog tour because I always enjoy being part of a group and seeing what my fellow bloggers made. This tour was fabulous and all the ladies that participated did an astounding job, you should check them out (Shannon's Skinny Pants, Audrey's Yoga Skirts, RaeAnna's Skinny Pants, Sabra's Running Leggings, Melissa's Skinny Pants & the awesome tween outfit Christie made for her daughter).

We were compensated for our time by complimentary patterns but our opinions are our own. We strive to only work with companies & products that personally believe in and agree with their quality standards, to read more about our promises to you click here.


  1. You did an amazing job for an amazing person!
    It fits her so well and looks so flattering.
    I hope this birthday was very happy!

  2. Nursing-friendly dresses are amazing! I love how you took the time to make something you knew your sister would love. And so comfortable! I'm curious about the dipping at the sides of the hem... did the fabric stretch more at the side seams, or are the sides of the a-line skirt pattern longer than the center-front?

  3. Red is definitely her color! The dress is so flattering and she looks so very comfortable wearing it. Great job, Scary!

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