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Maternity Aviator Pants: Pattern Review & Coupon Code

Announcement time even though I think many of our readers might already know. In many ways this blog is the only journal-ing I really ever seem to have time for anymore, so I don't want to miss documenting this time. Slim Jim, Ryder, Boston and I are excited to announce that we will adding one more baby to our family at the first of May. The kids (Ryder especially) had been begging us for quite some time for "just one more". I had a pretty bad case of postpartum depression/mommy of a tough 3 year old depression after Boston, that really made me gun shy. After months and months of waiting I finally felt I am mentally well enough to step up to the challenge and financial state is stable enough to make it possible (though still a little tight). With that announcement behind us I can't wait to show you my new favorite pants.
I adore the darling Suzanne Winters behind Winter Wear Designs, if feel like I should disclose that in this in this review. I tend to be a bit bias with darlings as sweet as Miss Suzanne. Through years of interaction I have learned she is kind, dedicated to her creations. She is a perfectionist and a visionary. This combination of elements make her an excellent designer.  When she invited me to the tour I agreed as long as I could do a maternity adjustment because after several years and a couple of pregnancies, my maternity wardrobe is pathetic. There will be a mini tutorial on adaptions I made to the pattern that at the bottom of the post. The rest of the review will just going over pattern, because I actually only had one adjustment to make it maternity. I loved that I only had to make one adjustment for it to be maternity. Seriously isn't it amazing when your favorite regular patterns can work for those mommy transition stages.
As a mom to two young children and the aunt to 10 kids, I feel like my fashion sense has definitely morphed and changed to a comfortable mommy wardrobe. My kids are incredibly active and joyously invite me to play along. Whether it is the 100th underdoggy (I don't know if this is a universal term but it is when you push someone on a swing from the underside and then push them so high that you can run underneath) or going on a walk to the "far away park", I am expected to keep up. This has made it so only the most comfortable fitting, easy wear it is a nice bonus if it fits my style.
The Aviator Pants check off ever check on my list. They are so comfortable with not only knit legs but also waistband. Suzanne has included with great instructions for modifying the pattern to get a comfortable without being frumpy great fit. I almost didn't pay attention to this which and headed straight in head first but then I looked over the sizing section and I noticed that she said when you are between sizes choose the smaller sizes. I am so glad I did that instead of splitting the difference in the sizes. With the bottom triangles it is almost imperative to choose the closest size to the chart and run with it. I am 5'11" with really long legs so I made my legs 6 inches taller (3" for leaving off the cuff, per pattern instructions and 3" for extra length). 
I love the interest that the triangles add to the bottom of the pant leg. I had tested this version for Ryder and they very quickly became his favorite. They were so much cooler than anything we were seeing in the store. Having a pair just as comfortable and stylish for me was a no brainer. The size range is awesome on this pattern and it even goes into the higher hip measurements, which I found really nice because with another pattern similar my hips were just outside of the sizing.
I love about this pattern that it has the option for lots of pockets: hip, back welted, and side cargo. This time I only just did the hip pockets but if my fabric would have been more stable and not so slinky I would have done back zipper welted pockets. As a mom who doesn't wear a purse I always need somewhere to hold my keys, my phone and my money with these pockets I could fit all these in two.
 Excuse me while I go enjoy the next several months just doing my mom/cool aunt thing in these pants.

How to Adjust the Front Rise on Pants to make them Maternity

Step 1: Measure your front rise remember you will be adding a waistband to the top so don't measure to the top of where you want it to be about 2 inches below.
Step 2: Compare to pattern piece to figure the right mark use the following equation:
pattern rise - ((3/4”)+ your measurement) 
Step 3: Draw an upwards curving line and trim
Step 4 (only needed if including pockets): Trace the curved line trace trim line on front pocket and front pocket lining.

How to Adjust the Back Rise but not the Side Rise (not necessarily a maternity adjustment just something I do for my body to get a better fit)

Step 1: Cut on the additional length line.
Step 2: Measure your back rise remember you will be adding a waistband to the top so don't measure to the top of where you want it to be about 2 inches below.
Step 3: Compare to pattern piece to figure out how much to you need to add use the following equation:
pattern rise - ((3/4”)+ your measurement)
Step 4: Angle pattern pieces until you get that amount, then true up the line.

There have some been some other great looks on this tour you should check them out, in addition to catching the 30% discount for the whole store.
Get 15% off any pattern (excludes bundles) in her Etsy shop until 10/26 with code: AVIATORTOUR.
Or Grab both patterns for a discount of over 30% in the bundle listing!

And to encourage you to get in on the action - post anything you have made from Winter Wear Designs in the Facebook PDF Sales Group with #AviatorTour and one winner will be selected at the end of the week to win 2 patterns of their choice from WWD.

Tour Stops:
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Sew a Straight Line      10/23
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Additional Fun      10/25

PS. I wanted to show you Ryder's pants they were my tester versions and I didn't have some problems and with Project Run and Play I haven't made time to resew them. Though this specific pair of pants (not the pattern, just this specific pair) isn't good enough to have a full post dedicated to they really are amazing and he has worn them everywhere and loves putting them on.


  1. I already said it on Instagram, but congratulations! I'm really happy for you. =) When are you due?
    I generally dislike sweat-pant type clothing, but these actually look really good on you. You did a great job lining up the seams at the color-block portion too.

  2. You did such a great job converting these! AND you look absolutely adorable with that baby bump! I am so excited for you and your family!

  3. You look so beautiful. I had said it before, but congratularions for your third again.


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