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Spider Costume - Speedy Gonzales Halloween Hack & Giveaway

Today we are participating in Swoonson Says Halloween Hacks Blog Tour there have been some amazing creations in this tour that you really should check it out.

So I am going to set the record straight from the beginning. I am not a super mom when it comes to holiday's we nod at them as they pass by with little effort. I am a bit of an all or nothing personality. Last year our Halloween costumes all came from the kids closets or dress up bin. I believe we attended 3 different Halloween parties/activities and for each one the Ryder had a different costume; sailor, leaf monster & builder. Boston's costume was a mix of clothes that were too small for her and a silly pair of earrings. I will totally own up to my inabilities but I also have frustrations with the lack of decision making on the part of my children. It seems like for 3 months proceeding Halloween they come up with a different idea for a costume, which could be frustrating if I was in the middle of a project only to have them change their mind.
I let them choose their costumes this year but I set a two rules before we started, I know these might seem a bit unreasonable to you but I really feel like this give us a good foundation for the future:
No Characters: This gave me the power to block having to Green Ninja and a Spider Man Costume in my house that would result in broken things. It also made it so I didn't add to the number of Elsa's would be running around this Halloween. I know this makes me a very mean mom. It really boils down to I would rather my kids think of Halloween in a more creative way and not play the part of some character.
Locking in Costume ideas by October 5th: I want to raise the kids to have appreciation for me and my time. I really could whip out both their costumes in a day or so but I want to have the option to do it at my leisure.
 I thought that Boston would have a hard time coming up with a costume idea so I gave the suggestion of a princess, because there for several months she would introduce herself as such. To this suggestion she sharply answered saying, "No, something scary!....Like a 'pider, with lots of arms" Her eyes open twice as she explained it to me. After that her brother decided on a ghost. I teasingly joked that I didn't know how to make one of those so he would have to help me. I think I can handle that one but I think I am going to have him help so that he has ownership of his costume. 
Back to the spider, with lots of arms. For this costume I used a Size 3 Bimaa Sweater with a lined hood. This was originally created for her cousin but it was too tight so she got it instead. But if you don't sew or don't sew costumes you could just pick up a black hoodie. For the Pants I used the Size 3 EYMM Jocelyn Leggings. I thought about making a smaller size (18-24 M) based on her width measurements but it was my first time sewing the pattern so I didn't want them to be too small so I just made the size 3. I am a little disappointed in myself for not going down because I think it would have really helped with the slouchy crotch part. Oh well. This is another part where you could pull leggings out of your kids wardrobe or pick up from the store.
Now for the "lots of arms" part. I really was feeling lazy and I didn't want to go to the store so I shopped my stash and stitched up the bottom of a pair of Speedy Gonzales footless tights that no longer fit Boston. Then I filled the legs with batting and then cut them off at the top of the leg and stitched them close. I didn't have another pair so after looking around I found a small amount of faux suede and fashioned another set of legs to match. They ended up being the same width but were a bit longer. I decided to use these as the bottom legs since they would reach down further to her actual legs. Using the legging material I made two bands that would tie around her back and positioned the legs so they would match the position of her arms.
To giver her control of all her "arms". I used yarn to make a web on the outside. This was a pretty quick adjustment done with a few loops. I am so glad that I could something that she could love and would make her so happy, but didn't break our bank or make me crazy. If you took the short cuts in clothes I think this costume could really be a 30 minute project. Giving you more time to jump in leaves, make pumpkin cookies or just enjoy your sweet babies.

Would you like the chance to win a prize? I thought so. Here are the prize packages being offered:
Three winners will be chosen randomly (and their form completion verified) and emailed within 3 days of the hunt's closure.
A big thank you to all the sponsors who donated prizes!
Pack 1 { $30 to The Ribbon Retreat +2 patterns from GYCT Designs + 1 pattern from Dog Under My Desk}
Pack 2 {$30 to The Fabric Fairy + Kids Pattern Package from imagine gnats}
Pack 3 {$30 to Fat Quarter Shop + 2 patterns from Everything Your Mama Made & More +Ramblin' Raglan Mega Pattern Pack from Muse of the Morning}

To see some truly amazing costumes visit our fellow blog tour members. These ladies have done some fabulous work and I guarantee that you won't be disappointed by what you see:
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  1. Love to see something fun and unique - I have a feeling you're right that there will be a gajillion Elsas this year! Thanks for sewing along!

  2. I LOVE your pider!! So adorable.
    Our girls aren't dressing as characters, either.
    I love when they really use their imaginations.

  3. She is the cutest spider!! Those arms are so fun and clever!

  4. I love that you're going to let your son help with his costume. Your little spider isn't too scary either - she's perfect.

  5. Spider Costume - Speedy Gonzales Halloween Hack & Giveaway ...


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