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Thank You

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Dear friends,

We are grateful for all the support we have received from friends and family, which after this experience we know is much greater scope than ever before. We have been overwhelmed with gratitude each week by the kind words, the supportive gestures that have been made by our friends in our behalf across the web. Supporters came out of the wood work and helped boost us and keep still while we watched the voting. We are very grateful for the understanding bloggers that have been patient with us as we may have missed one or two guest post deadlines, without this flexibility we surely would have broke.

Until this experience you may say that we were bit of closet bloggers. Often many of our real life friends don't know what is going on our blog (or some didn't know that we even had one) so it was really different to make public calls of attention to our work. We were overwhelmed by the kind words and support that our friends and family gave us, taking time from their busy lives to vote and share our projects.

Thank you to our fellow competitors, you have brought your best work each week. We watched in amazement to see the ways which we differed or were alike in our approaches to the themes. We learned and have grown as designers because of you. You made it difficult for us, which we wouldn't have had it any other way.

A big thank you to Elizabeth & liZ for inviting us to participate in this contest. It fulfilled a dream for us. It is still such an honor to be Project Run & Play Alumni. Thank you for being the legs behind this contest and creating a community of support and love. We have made some very dear friends from this community you have grown. 

From this experience our sisterhood has been strengthened as we learn how to navigate the in's and out's of advising, supporting and trusting. All of our personal lives are a bit crazy right now (more on that in a future post) but this experience really taught us how to communicate and rely on each other. Each look that you saw designed these last three weeks were developed by a different sister, but in multiple ways we worked as one machine; whether it was sewing, photographing, editing pictures, promoting or writing we were together as one. 

Mom & Dad you deserve a special shoutout as you let us come crash Mom's birthday weekend. You did a great job as support crew as we were able to get through several pieces of clothing & two photo shoots. The kids were so happy to play in the backyard together as the mom's busily worked. Thank you for always encouraging us to chase our dreams and being our biggest cheerleaders while we try our best. 

We absolutely would not have been able to make it through this experience without the support of our immediate family. Our spouses have always been our emotional and mental support, but without them these last two months we would have surely cracked under the pressure of PR&P. We are grateful for the blind eye you have shown to the growing mounds of unfolded laundry/sinks of undone dishes. Patiently waiting for pictures to be edited, even when there was a vacation to go on. The help around the house or dinners you have picked up when we just couldn't do it all did not go unnoticed. Above all you have been the pick me up when we get to the point we are pulling our hair out.

To our kids, most of you are too little to read this now but maybe one day you will read this and you will know how much we love you. You have been measured/remeasured and measured once again just to make sure and you have excitedly embraced each measurement taken. You have tried on pieces over and over again as we make adjustments. You have exercised patience with us while we trying our best but were being spread much to thin. Your random displays of affection have given us the boosts that we needed to keep pushing. Beyond all that you have been our inspiration, you are the passion to our sewing fire. We desperately wanted to create something that would show who you were because merely making a trendy clothing item isn't enough when you are dressing a masterpiece.

Our hearts are full of love and gratitude today, now to get started on folding that laundry.
With Love,
Al, Jo & Scary


  1. I enjoyed the your looks each week! I'm so proud that you took on pR&P!!

  2. You ladies are amazing. We were so happy to see the professionalism with which you handled PR&P. You three really threw you all into this venture, and you deserve vacations to a spa, not piles of laundry! Can't wait to see what you have ahead of you. Your three looks were simple amazing, and your daughters will have those items of clothing to take with them now and always in their memories.

  3. You ladies did an amazing job and I was so excited to see your look each week! So glad you were able to participate this season and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you all! April

  4. Congratulations to all of you on doing an amazing job in a very difficult competition! It is just the beginning!

  5. You three are incredible! I was really impressed with the looks you came up with, and I loved reading more about them and your precious words about your daughters. And I love the last line in the last paragraph... "merely making a trendy clothing item isn't enough when you are dressing a masterpiece." Thank you, for the inspiration! =)

  6. BEAUTIFUL, JUST BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for sharing your designs, style, and children with us. You ladies showcased some amazing pieces - ones that are sure to be treasured for many months/ years to come.

    "Dressing a masterpiece" is definitely a quote I will think of, and remind myself of, often!! Thank you for those words .... something we all need to keep in mind.

  7. You guys did a wonderful job and I was so happy to see you be a part of the competition. Loved every look, and look forward to seeing what you all have up next!


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