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Betty Skirt Tour {Day 12}: A Jennuine Life & That's Sew Kari

Today we have Jenn from A Jennuine Life & Kari from That's Sew Kari and their skirts are so darling!

Jenn is a long time friend through Project Run and Play community and she has been so kind to join us while she is preparing to move her family from Michigan to New Jersey. She has been over her a couple of times as a guest contributor, I am always amazed by her talent. Al & I had a chance to have dinner with her this April. She was such a hoot to be around. So fun and real, you can tell she is a great mom from the way she talks about her girls. She is for sure Jennuine (sorry I just couldn't help myself). I am sure you have seen her darling patterns if not you should take a moment to check them out.  Click here or on the image below to see her darling mesh overlay skirt. I simply love the way she finished this.
A Jennuine Life: Gathered Skirt with Mesh Overlay

I am sure this is not the first you have heard of Kari from That's Sew Kari in addition to running her own blog she is on the Pattern Revolution team and blogging assistant to Candy Castle Patterns. Phew! It makes me exhausted just listing all that. Her little girls have such fun little attitudes that she always captures in her pictures and her creations. Beyond all that talent, is a darling sweetheart of a woman that we glad friend and look forward to growing that friendship more the future. Click here or image below to see her cheetah print skirt.
That's Sew Kari: Cheetah Print Skirt
As part of the tour we are offering the Betty Skirt for 30% off with the Code BETTYTOUR.


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