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Betty Skirt Tour {Day 14}: Say Grr Sewing & Sew a Straight Line

Today we have darling, Charity and Sabra.

Charity is from Say Grr Sewing. In the last year we have got to know Charity fairly well. I'm pretty sure she is our blogging cheerleader. Almost without fail, she leaves comments on almost everything we blog about. She is so down to earth. We love this lady. She made this darling pink, large pleat Betty Skirt. Click here or on the picture below for more details.
Say Grr Sewing: Large Pleat Betty Skirt

I am sure this is not the first you have heard of Sabra from Sew a Straight Line. She is sewing blog famous for making her own jeans, amazing things for her boys & darling things for her daughter Ivy. I am always in awe by her attention to detail on each sewing project she completes. Along with being crazy talented Sabra is full of quick whit and is a joy to spend time with. A few weeks ago Sabra, Christie and I got together for a nature hike with our kids; Ivy spunky personality was so fun. Boston and her were instant friends. This little denim skirt is perfect for keeping up with all that spunk, to read more about click here or on the image below.
Sew a Straight Line: Denim Betty Skirt

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