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Betty Skirt Tour {Day 6}: Call Ajaire & Once Upon a Sewing Machine

Today we have the lovely ladies from Call Ajaire and Once Upon a Sewing Machine. They both sewed up the pleated version of the Betty Skirt. Although the gathered skirt is awesome because you can have a nicely finished skirt in twenty minutes; I love, love, love the pleated option; there is nothing quite like crisp clean pleats.

For quite a while now we've had a pretty soft spot in our hearts for Ajaire. She was the very first friend we made through the blog. She always uplifted us when we had no one else. She is so talented, real, and all around a fun lady to work with. I love what she came with in making this contrasted yoke Betty Skirt with owl print fabric. It's actually a little ironic because our Grandma Betty who the skirt was inspired by collects owl things for her home. Whenever I see any owl I think of her. Click here or on the image below for details. 
Call Ajaire: Large Pleat Skirt
We also have the darling mother-daughter team of Rachel and Donna. When we went on our Minnesota adventure back in May we almost got to get together with these cute ladies for ice cream, but sadly it didn't work out. We still haven't given up hope on meeting someday. I love how this skirt turned out. The heavier fabric is perfect for the chilly weather and the styling is a perfect back to school look. I can't wait to make a skirt like this. Click here or on the image below for details.
Once Upon a Sewing Machine: Small Pleat Skirt

As part of the tour we are offering the Betty Skirt for 30% off with the Code BETTYTOUR.


  1. Thanks for including us! She loves her skirt!

  2. These are some of the cutest Betty's I've seen so far...


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