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Betty Skirt Tour {Day 8}: Crafty Biggers & Two-Many

Today we have two darlings up Erin from Crafty Biggers & Renee from Two-Many. Both of them blew our minds by sewing up 3 skirts a piece.

Erin, is a doll we actually met through the testing process when we first released the pattern, because most of our sewing peers had girls our age and she more . It was really her and other testers who helped with the preteen sizes that we were able to get the skirt right. Since then I have been amazed by her and the darling clothes that she makes for herself and her beautiful girls. Click here or on the picture below to see her skirts.
CraftyBiggers: Two Gathered and One Pleats Skirt
First, thing you need to know about Renee is she is a sweetheart and a darling to work with. Second, she is a super fun mom of darling twin girls. She makes the cutest kid friendly clothes. I have been dying over all the costumes she has made this last month (while I have been reading them I have been shielding my phone from my own kiddos so they don't get any ideas :) ) Renee has been killing me on instagram with her previews and now the day has finally come to see her vegan leather skirts (I might have to copy her). Click here or on the picture below to see her skirts.
Two-Many: Vegan Leather Betty Skirts
(I was dying over this picture because it reminds me of Al & I when we were little. Just two sisters having a great time together.)

As part of the tour we are offering the Betty Skirt for 30% off with the Code BETTYTOUR.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words!!! So funny that we both made 3 skirts :)


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