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Betty Skirt Tour {Day 7}: Falafel and the Bee

Today we have the talented Michelle from Falafel and the Bee. The first time I really got to know her awesome style was when we were judges for the adult clothing design sewing at Skirt Fixation. Every week I was amazed by her uniqueness and artistic approach. One week she hand painted a feather onto a top that totally looked real. She is crazy talented.

Today's post is also amazing. What girl wouldn't love a yellow and pink unicorn Betty Skirt with a pretty blue flower detail? I would've never thought to put it together, but I honestly wish it was mine and that I was wearing it today. It's perfect for Fall, but could also be rocked in any season. Click here or on the image below for details.

As part of the tour we are offering the Betty Skirt for 30% off with the Code BETTYTOUR.

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