Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Étage Top & Dress {Pattern Review, Giveaway & Coupon Code}

Today is the second pattern of the Sew Straight & Gather  a month and a half ago I tested the Etage Top/Dress pattern for Terri. Even though we were right in the throngs of Project Run and Play, I knew I wanted to get in on this test. I love unique designs and I love the challenge of helping test them.
My first tester version didn't really work out, it will fit Boston next year probably but we both loved the style so much that I knew I wanted to sew it up again (really it was the only way I could get her to stop wearing the one that was too big). Out of this testing experience I really gained a lot of respect for Terri, I have seen designers that have an idea of what they want but stop short of getting it perfect because they are so set on a deadline. Terri is the type of designer tweaked and step back and re-tweaked every element of the pattern until it was perfect. I am so impressed by her work I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.
Let me tell you about this pattern:
Size Range from 12 M-12Y (Chest from 19 3/5"-30 7/8")
Print by Size Option
Fully illustrated instructions *They are beautiful illustrations, I really feel like in the example of this  pattern illustrations are much more helpful than pictures
Dress or Top Option
Half Sleeve, Short Sleeve and Sleeveless Instructions
I am going to admit something before I continue, I had every intention of running a rolled hem on the bottom of each layer but my serger is being silly right now and I was feeling lazy. So I decided to run with the knit does fray crowd on this one.
The way this pattern designed you end up with a beautiful neckline no matter how crazy your knits are. The stacking order is mind altering but with following her instructions you end up with a beautiful garment. I would warn this isn't a pattern that you should sew late at night or when you are too tired to focus on detail.
The movement on this pattern is really stunning. It is so stylish but a design that you aren't going to find among RTW garments. It is one of those that when your friends ask you where you got it and you answer that you made it their jaws will drop. A lot of the ladies in the tester group did prints which were stunning but I love how it looks with just a basic solid.
My favorite pattern is watching Boston move and dance in it. She just can't help do everything she can to make it move. It is classy while being still being child appropriate. You can pick up this darling design or the Uptown/Downtown dress that we showed you yesterday for 25% off this week with the coupon code UPTOWNEXPANSION25 (etsy or her shop).
Fill out the Rafflecopter below to win a copy of this pattern.
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  1. Bummer, not a facebook user. But I love how this turned out. Do they make it in grown up sizes?

  2. Kristie, You should be able to sign in with a e-mail address instead of Facebook. You don't have to follow the pages on Facebook just visit them, which you should be able to do without a facebook account. I have changed it so you can get a point for leaving a comment, without visiting the pages.

    Sadly right now it just goes up to size 12 in girls.

  3. I have a niece that is a twirly girl and would love this

  4. Replies
    1. and I would make this for my 4 year old!

  5. I'd sew one up for Bella while I still can, and probably make a few for my niece too. I hadn't even pictured it in a solid- wow. I really love it. I probably go overboard with colors and prints, I've always like things a little wild- but my Bella would love the crazy layers in a solid color. It's just right for her. I'm totally gonna copycat:)

  6. I'd love to sew this for my daughter, Lorelei! She's tall and thin, so I tend to make most of her clothing. :)

  7. I love this pattern. I've sen so many versions of it but I think yours is one of my all time favourites :-)

  8. I would at least make it for my 3 year old daughter and probably for my to little nieces as well. I love your solid color version!!

  9. I love your top! The solid color shows off the layers well and looks stylish too. I would love to sew for my 4 years old daughter, she probably will not be able to stop twirling in it too :)

  10. adorable I think my dd would love this!

  11. Fantastic dress for my 4 year old in swing-phase!

  12. I love the way that top flows... so pretty! I'm thinking that I'll make this one for my middle girl.... after I finish sewing the Christmas gifts on my list. =)

  13. I would totally make this for my youngest!
    I would even wear it (if it were only my size:).

  14. I would love to make this for my daughter!! Love the charcoal with purple combo!!

  15. The top looks terrific! I'd make one for my 3 year old daughter.


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