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Everday Tank Dress: Pattern Review, Giveaway & Coupon Code

Many times when we are asked to sew up patterns my mind usually is reeling with ideas and directions that I want to take it. The Everyday Tank pattern from SergerPepper was no different we had so many ideas of directions we would take it, but after Al's family had stomach flu go through we decided it was best to abandon our first plan.
I seriously don't know how I am ever going to break her of thumb sucking. She is getting so much better at not always doing it but she is coming up on 3 years. I keep thinking she still is so much my baby that I can't let it go.
Instead I went with the safe plan B sew, a nightgown for Boston. Even though we are headed into winter here shortly the kids night wear still needs to be pretty cool because our apartment always stays above 70 degrees all winter without any heating (I think it is because we are the middle apartment and all our windows face south). When I showed her first thing this morning she was so excited she was so ready for pictures.  I wanted a real life photo shoot to capture the goofy stage she is in. Lately she has been doing the funniest things that just make us giggle. I didn't give her any direction besides "have fun dancing and jumping on mom's bed". All actions and poses were the product of the almost 3 year old mastermind.
Before I show you the rest of the pictures with all their personality I want to tell you about the details of this pattern:
- Print by size option (LOVE LOVE THIS! I love saving on ink)
- Great instructions on using refashioned t-shirts. I was surprised to find a cut chart for the binding if you are using a tee shirt without spandex (as most refashioned T-shirts are).
- Size Range from 3-14 (yes, I will be able to sew this for years)
- Three lengths included (Tee, Midi Dress & Maxi Dress)
- Pocket Pattern included (which is awesome because kids love pockets)
- Color Diagrams 
I sewed this in an evening. The kids went to bed and it was put together before I went to bed at midnight. This is even with my poor decision making to deviate some from the instructions. Irene directs you to top stitch after sewing the pieces together and I decided it would be easier to top stitch all at once when it was all together so I wouldn't have to worry about switching stitches. It wasn't impossible to do but it would have been so much easier to have done it before it was all together. Like I said before I love the idea of the different cut charts for amount of stretchiness on the knit.
The only other deviation from the pattern I made was to make the dress a bit longer. I was going to go with the midi length but then after I printed off the pattern pieces I realized that the skirt line continued several inches below so I decided I would make use of those additional inches. I am glad I did, because when she lays down and puts her feet above her head she stays fairly modest (added bonus a bit of growing room).
Again all her idea
Really can't wait to make more for this winter. The fit was really great for her. The only thing I wish I would have done differently (other than actually following the topstitching directions) was to have looked more diligently for my ribbing, I think it would have layed a lot nicer than the spadex jersey knit that I used. Of course this morning once the project was all done I found it in the kids room, I think Boston was trying to help me sew again by "gathering my supplies".
I love the little photo bomber in the right corner, isn't it always the way with your kids that one is having a melt down and the other one is having the best 5 minutes ever.
The fabric I used for this project was a vintage interlock that was gifted to me by my dear sewing friend Linda.
counting the numbers of Minny Mouse on her nightgown
This pattern is a great pattern that has the ability to work for a boy (I hope to make PJ top for Ryder, using the top option) or a girl, with a large size range (3-14) and quick assembly.
"Look they are happy...they kiss"

Irene is offering a 40% off Code with the Code BLOGTOUR40 on all of her products, which can be purchased here on Etsy or here on her Shop.  If anyone decide to buy the pattern using the BLOGTOUR40 coupon code and then wins it, she/he will have the choice between having another pattern or a $10 coupon code for a future purchase (expiring by the end of the next year 2015).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. The dress (and kid) is adorable! The fabrics pair so nice together. I agree with the photoshoot caption - usually the kid modeling the clothes is not having it while the other is having the best time ever :)

  2. Great nightgown, I love the Minnie print!

  3. oh my daughter would love that minnie fabric.


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