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Winter Maxi: Uptown/Downtown Dress Pattern Expansion {Pattern Review, Coupon Code & Giveaway}

First off thank you for all the support and love during our Betty Skirt Tour.
This week we will be sharing work from other amazing designers from around the world. Today and Tomorrow you get to see the talented design work of Terri from Sew Straight Pattern Co. This summer Terri released the Uptown/Downtown Dress Pattern and she recently added 6 free add-on's to this pattern making this absolutely perfect for every season. She has all of her patterns 25% off through Saturday Nov. 22nd, by using the code UPTOWNEXPANSION25 which can be purchased on etsy or her shop.

Before I get started, this photoshoot had to be done in a prenap/post nap situation. Boston end up being so tired the first time that she just ran around and picked up leaves. She wouldn't let me take more than a few shots unless it was her sitting on the ground, examining her finds. Which doesn't work so well for showing the fit of a maxi dress. When we came in from pictures she crashed on the couch 5 minutes later. That is the reason that half of these have either fresh or fuzzy hair. 
We are heading into winter here quickly so I knew I wanted to make Boston a nice warm dress that she could wear to church. I used four of the add-ons for this dress; long sleeves, maxi skirt length, cowl neck and pockets. We both are so happy with the results.
Let me tell you a little bit about this pattern:
- It offers a print by size option (even for the add-on's)
- You can add as many add-on's as you would like, without adding much time to your sewing
- Size range is from 2-10 yrs. (Chest 21 1/4-28)
- Straight forward instructions that are easy for even a tired pregnant momma to follow
- Clear Pictures for the original dress pattern, easy to view illustrations for the add-on's
Boston is going into the imitating stage, which has been weird for me. I remember when Ryder did it with Slim Jim, but it feels a little silly but flattering. One of her favorite things in my wardrobe is my maxi dress, every time she tells me I am a pretty princess. When she saw her dress I asked her what she thought and with a huge grin as she hugged it she said, "It is a mommy dress." I even let her wear some "mommy lips" (lip gloss) for this photo shoot, I could tell with the air she walked out for pictures that she felt very grown up. Really I am not sure that I am ready for her to grow up but I guess if it will help her keep her dress down I might just go for it.
According to the sizing chart I sewed up the size 2 width (her chest measurement is 20 1/2") with the 3 length. The fit on the chest tighter end of the ease spectrum (it reminds me of the fit of the bimma) so if that is something that concerns you, I would suggest sizing up one. The way pattern is stacked this is easy to use the width of one size and the height of another. I did have to add a little extra paper to my maxi skirt add-on pattern piece, but Terri covers even this in the add-on instructions. 
This dress was made from fabric I had on hand. The dress fabric was left over from Jo's dress and the cowl fabric was made from a skirt I made for Al a decade ago. I think the weight of both made them perfect for the cold temperatures that we have on top of us now. Last time I struggled with hemming this fabric so this time I basted the fold line then stitched the hem and then pulled out the basting stitches when I was done hemming. This worked much better than last time when I tried serging and then hemming.
There are a bunch of awesome bloggers on the Pattern Expansion Tour, make sure to catch all their darling creations. I know that after you see them you won't be able to resist purchasing this pattern.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We were given this Uptown/Downtown Dress Pattern in exchange for a review. We only work with companies & products that we personally believe in and agree with their quality standards. I had shown this pattern to my husband and I had every intention of purchasing this pattern, I was just waiting for pay day to make it happen when the invitation came from Terri.

PS. If your little girl is a Swifty like Miss B. just know that this is pattern perfect for shaking it off.


  1. It is darling SarahLynne! Absolutely perfect for the winter!

  2. She does look like a pretty princess. =) I love the fabric you used for the cowl, especially with the main in red.

  3. Oh my goodness. That is so funny- the first thing I thought when I saw her is "Wow she looks just like the princess from the Princess Bride". Just gorgeous. I love the dress and your girl is beautiful.
    I would totally wear this too:)

  4. Beautiful Sarah! Thank you for joining me in the tour! I will see you tomorrow too ;)

  5. This is such a beautiful version of this dress. I love the pop of floral on the cowl! Gorgeous.

  6. Up until now, I was hesitant to use red for my blondes with light complexions. But this totally works with the dark cowl in between. Love it sooo much!

  7. Very, very cute....and it looks super comfy!


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