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Ruffled PJs {Pattern Review}

It's the most wonderful time of the year when new pajamas and filled stocking are almost a requirement. This year to start off the season, I made these ruffled pj's for Ty using a pattern from Once Upon a Sewing Machine. They are running a sale through Saturday Dec.6 and you can get it for $5.00 (no coupon needed). Ty is crazy about these pajamas. Since I put them on her 2 days ago she has refused to take them off. They are the perfect mix of functional and girly. She loves the ruffles and flowiness.
My only regret in sewing it up is that I didn't make the skirt of the blouse about 3 inches longer. Ty has a fairly long torso and it doesn't quite cover her tummy all the time. It may be the way the flannel lays that adds to making it too short.
That being said, I love these pajamas. My plan is to take this two part pj's and turn it into two sets of pajamas. The top I'm going to add two more layers of flannel and do a solid hombre effect and turn it into a nightgown. Then I'm going to make a knit shirt to go with the pants.
Since they were ruffled pj's. I decided to go with that theme and do a banded ruffle on the bottom of the pants instead of a straight cuff. I'm glad I did the ruffles on the pants because Ty loves them. If you like this pattern, you should know that the fit on these pants are awesome! There's no weird puckers in the crotch and the length is perfect. I can't say the same thing for all pajama pants I've made in the past. It is currently my favorite woven pj pants pattern and I only wish the sizing went past size 6.
Because I'm a symmetrical kind of gal I did the ruffle on both the front and the back of the bodice. This was another small deviation from the original pattern. The back is finished off with a button enclosure. They are the first buttonholes I've done in a year since my Orchid Damask Coat for flip this pattern. Buttonholes on my machine freak me out. Although I have a one step button hole machine, if everything is not just right on it my machine ties knots. I only had to seam rip and redo buttonholes twice on this project.
I did love how the pattern said if buttons were too frightening you could always opt out and just use snaps instead. It seems like KAM snaps have been my saving grace lately, but since there were only three buttons I decided to take my chances.
The pajamas were made with flannel that recently got for 75% off so it definitely didn't break the bank to make. I'm really, really excited about these pajamas. I think they turned out awesome and I'm excited how well they were received by Ty. Lately she has been pretty picky about what she wears so its nice when she loves something enough to never want to take it off. If you don't have a little girls pajama pattern to turn to, this could be a really good option for you. It can either be used as a 2 part set or easily turned into a nightgown. I have another one cut up ready to sew that is going to be a nightgown with the pants shortened so that they are pantaloons underneath.
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With Love,


  1. Thanks for sewing up our Ruffled PJ's Al! They are so cute and we love the ruffle on the pants.

  2. These girls are growing up so fast huh? She looks so pretty and you can tell she loves the pjs. My post isn't until tomorrow, but this pattern is definitely my favorite woven pj pattern too :)

  3. That double ruffle on the pajama top is really cute. I like the fabric too! =)

  4. Very cute Al!! Ombré sounds adorable:)

  5. So adorable (both the PJ's and the girl)!
    I think a nightgown is a great idea too!


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