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Loving the Bundle UP!

As we mentioned before our momma always did Valentine's Day right with us kids to where it was one of our favorite holidays. We (Al & Scary) took the opportunity of participating in Girls Bundle UP! tour to show our love to our girls. Don't worry we have some boy love coming next month, but today is all about the girls.
Why bundle up? The Math...
Now let us speak honestly for a moment, we are not being paid to say any of these things we don't make any sort of a commission or affiliate sale from you purchasing the pattern. We were given the two patterns you see sewn up here for review, which is a fairly common agreement between bloggers and blog tours. But we have put our money where our mouth is and are purchasing 6 additional patterns from this bundle. Okay now that we are clear on that we can continue on with why we think if you are a mom of girls you should seriously be consider purchasing.
Over here at the Shaffer Sisters we love pattern bundles of all sorts; what an affordable way to pick up patterns. By our best estimations, over 50% of the patterns we own we have purchased through pattern bundles. Although, we think it might be closer to 60%.
Buying patterns as part of a bundle gives you a chance to snatch them up at prices you might never ever be able to see again. The full price on many of these patterns is $9-$10 in order to beat the $4.50 price tag for buying 6-7 patterns that would mean for some designers they would have to give at least a 50% sale if not higher. I don't know about you but we don't often see 50% off sales for many of these designers and we have a cunning watchful eye for picking up patterns.
Another thing we love about the Bundle UP Sale is you don't have to fall victim to the pattern you will never ever use. When we look at purchasing a traditional bundle offered by other sites we usually consider that there is always one-two throw away patterns that we will never ever sew, this brings up the total price of the patterns that we would actually sew. With the Bundle UP you have a choice of disregarding almost half of the patterns (you only have to buy 6 out of the 11 patterns to get the discounted price), so you get to pick and choose the ones that are up your alley. 
Our very favorite thing about the Bundle UP sale is the great size ranges that all these patterns have. We have passed on purchasing similar kids bundles out there because they didn't have great size ranges and though we sew all the time, sometimes it takes us a couple months (or don't tell our husbands, maybe up to a year) to get around sewing a pattern even though we are totally crushing on. These large size ranges gives you flexibility for life and the change in styles from year to year. When we consider a pattern we always try and figure the price per size. This helps us know what gives us the most bang for our buck on each pattern. To help you see what a great deal these prices/size ranges give you we have figured the price per size if you were to select from 6-7 pattern option at $4.50/pattern (if you purchase more than 7 patterns the price per size would go down).
Foo Foo Threads Adeline Knit Cardigan & Dress
13 sizes = $.35 per size

Freestyle Pants, Shorts and Capris by EYMM
19 sizes (plus bonus doll pattern)= $.24 per size

Girls Wideleg Pants by Jocole
15 sizes (plus bonus doll pattern)=$.30 per size

Lilygiggle Cecille Top & Dress
9 sizes=$.50 per size

Love Notions Jam Jams PJ's
9 sizes=$.50 per size

Penny Vintage Coat and Dress from Ellie Inspired
12 sizes=$.38 per size

Potato Chip Skirt by Tie Dye Diva
11 sizes (plus bonus doll pattern)=$.41 per size

Rachel Dress by Modkid
8 sizes=$.56 per size

Sisboom Gabriella Fae Dress & Top
13 sizes=$.35 per size

Violette Field Threads Annabelle Maxi
7 sizes=$.64 per size

Winter Wear Presh Blazer
11 sizes=$.41 per size

Annabelle Dress by Violette Field Threads
The Annabelle Maxi pattern is amazing! It's a show stopper with not too much effort and uses fabrics that everyone has access to. Most show stoppers require something more than cotton so it was exciting to see this. I found my fabric at JoAnn Fabrics, the pink floral and polka-dot fabric are part of the Keepsake Calico Collection and the white is Kona Cotton that I already had on hand. It took me at least an hour to decide on this fabric because I know Ty's preference is purple. There were no interesting purples in any of the cotton so I took a chance on this and hoped that the tiny hints of deep purple flowers would be enough to count as a success.
I was amazed how quickly it came together. The instructions are very clear about explaining how to piece it together to get get the chevron to match up perfectly. Being a quilty person, I was so excited to sew this one up. I always look forward to crossing over piecing and clothing to get a bold look. Ty's chest measurement fit on the 6T size (and somewhere between 5T and 6T on height) and so I sewed a straight up 6T dress. It ended up being too long so I put in a 1" hem. It was still dragging on the ground so I ended up shortening and moving in the sleeves. Now it's probably a little shorter than it was designed, but I find it perfect for the muddy weather that we're facing and the nearly white fabric near the ground.
Ty was in love with this dress instantly. She was only bummed that she had to wait a whole week to wear it so that we could get in the photo shoot. She calls it her Valentine Princess Dress. Now I'm sure she will only take it off for me to wash it. I'm excited about the extra length hidden in the hem because she can wear it for the next two Valentines and then pass it onto her cousin.

Jam Jam Pajamas by Love Notions
For my Valentine's Day look I chose to make Boston some Jam Jam PJ's, I went to the store with one thing in mind and came out with these light weight slinky knits that are Boston's very favorite shades of pink. I thought that it would make the most comfortable pj's on the planet. I didn't realize that this pattern called for medium stable knit. I don't know if the lightweightness (let's pretend for a second that is a word) of the fabric made my pj's much larger fitting than they should have been.
Boston recently jumped in chest measurement to 21 inches and a height of 38.5" safely putting her in the 3T sizing but they seemed to fit her cousin who is in the size 5 better than it did Boston. We have sewn lots of Love Notions patterns here and have not seen this issue with sizing on her other patterns which makes me wonder if it was a mistake in my fabric choice.
I did make two modifications to the pattern; instead of cutting the bottom ruffles straight, I used my cake dome to cut a circle ruffle for a lighter feel (I used this tutorial here as a guide). I also did not hem the bottom of the shirt because with the extra bigness I wanted to make sure that when it fit her well it would still be long enough.  I embroidered little flowers all over the front bodice randomly to match her "mine" (her one and only blanket) and Minkee sheet. I did a bunch of embroidery one night when she was in bed and when she discovered it the next day she didn't want to take it off for me to finish. Luckily I was able to retrieve it long enough to knit interface the back side of each flower so the light weight fabric could handle the weight of the embroidery floss. Overall she loves them and I think I am going to have a hard time holding on to them until they fit a bit better.
I love this picture because many nights when we send the kids to bed and I poke my head into their bedroom I see Ryder sound asleep and Boston just looking out to the hallway listening to Slim Jim and I talking away. It's like she is afraid to miss a moment of excitement. I really don't know what I would do without this little spit fire. 

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Don't forget to check out the other great patterns in the Girls Bundle UP!


  1. I love the little embroidery on the pj top. It makes it extra special :) I also like that the maxi dress is cotton. That would be great for summer!

  2. Your maxi is Gorgeous!!!! Great job!

  3. These are both great! Fantastic job on the price break down too!

  4. What a perfect breakdown. Thanks for sharing!

  5. love the maxi! You convinced me to bundle up and get some new patterns! now i've got to get my printer working!

  6. The Annabelle is such a dreamy dress. =D

  7. you ladies did a fantastic job - and I love how you break down the dollar and cents ;o) This really is a steal of a deel, and I am glad that you found it worth your while ;o) Hugest Hugs!!!


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