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Otium Sweater

I had a lot of fun joining in the Otium Sweater Tour by Sofilantjes Patterns. I was finally able to use a women's knit t-shirt I had been hoarding for the last year and a half. I tried to make it as far as it would and after cutting out the front of Ty's and the bow of mine there was still enough left for a little something extra. 
When I signed up I had planned for it to just be a Ty and I look, but I ended up doing the over ambitious thing and adding baby Sally to the mix. But I'm really glad I did. I blog for the pictures and so I'm glad to have these portraits and relationships to treasure and once again the awesome photography skills of Scary. If you can't tell we're all pretty crazy about each other.
I was able to size down the 12 month a little to fit my 6 month old. Luckily I was able use the original sleeves to make new sleeves. I also dissected the front pattern piece horizontally and added seam allowances to get a color blocked look and add an extra flash of color.  The bottom part I nearly doubled the width so that it would gather nicely. Sally didn't have any pants that would work with the outfit so I whipped up a pair of the Haven Acres riding pants that are currently in testing. I also made a headband using a soft 1/4" elastic and some knit scraps.
The first thing Ty did when she put it on her Otium Sweater was to stuff her cousins' toy Giraffe and Babbit (rabbit) in the pocket together and pretended to be a mama kangaroo. We're just catching a pretty bad cold and she has also used this cozy sweater to combat the chills.
I decided to pick my colors to give it an almost fancy baseball tee styled top. I wish I would've sewn the next size up, but I probably wont always feel like that as I continue to tighten up that tummy and hopefully lose some of that extra baby weight. I'm not super busty so I measured a Medium, but no one has a stomach measurement on sizing chart which probably would of put me in a large. I moved the location of the bow and took out some of the width so that it made the back show a little less for my personal preference. I really love this shirt. It's so interesting to look at.
This was such a fun pattern to sew up for each of this because it was easy to modify for individual preferences. Ty wasn't a fan of the hole in the back with the bow, but was in love the front pocket. I loved the bow, but didn't find the pocket ideal for me. I chose the bow for Sally because I know it's essential to have easy on and off tops. There's also the option of just a simple top.
Yep, I'm pretty sure this pattern is worth dancing for, but be sure you check it out for yourself and see what the other talented seamstresses came up with and maybe take a few moments to enter the giveaway.


 A total of 11 patterns will be given away to one reader when they enter the giveaway!

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  1. Wow! Three great shirts. You all look so cute together.

  2. Wow! Three great shirts. You all look so cute together.

  3. Love the sweet photos. Your little girls are too cute! I love the pocket and bow back options on that pattern...very fun.

  4. Lovely! Nice to see the different options together, and love that you are all matching without being too matchy-matchy ;-)

  5. Beautiful combinations, you girls fit perfectly together!

  6. Love all 3 looks! you guys inspire me, I want to be matchy matchy with my little girls now! Libby would love Ty's shirt

  7. I love the mommy and me looks, always did and you did a great job here. love it!!!


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