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Cuddle Monster: Boys Can Wear Pink!

Today I have an awesome opportunity to be part of the Boys Can Wear Pink put together by Kelly of Handmade Boy. Kelly is so crazy talented I am sure you have seen her work around (big thank you to her for patiently waiting an extra day for me to post). She really put together an amazing line up and all of the creations of the series have given me great ideas for pushing the envelope of boys sewing in creative ways.

Even though February has been very busy for my family I couldn't help but join her worthy cause. Ridiculous gender roles stereotypes really get my blood a political science grad mind a boiling. It is crazy how indoctrinated we have let our society become on such silly issue. I felt like though I am a stay at home mom and my husband is the sole bread winner, but who we are would safe guard our kids against prosperous gender inequality. But two recent instances have helped me realize how much we needed something like this to be able to talk about gender roles.

The first was the battle over the fuchsia spoon. A few months back I purchased a single set of kids plastic silverware and bowl set from IKEA. I loved the bright colors and figured it would be fun for the kids to eat in. A few weeks in I began to notice that Boston expected to get the purple and fuchsia stuff because she was a girl, This was even with me mindfully switching up colors for the kids every time. We had to talk about sharing and how everyone should have a chance to try each color.

The other was when Ryder told Boston that she couldn't be Spiderman because girls can't be as good at hanging as boys could be. This declaration nearly made me loose control. This is the first industry I have worked in that is an typical of women's industry (before this I have worked in tech support, landscaping and custodial work). I barked back that men and women can both do what ever they wanted and had a passion for, and the important part is to work hard. It seems like that day we have had multiple discussions on what jobs both girls and boys can do. Since then the only jobs we have come up with that are not jobs for both men and women are women being pregnant and men growing beards.
This outfit really became my representation of that lesson. Boys are told to be tough and strong from the beginning. But Ryder's strongest personality attribute in his momma's eyes his compassion and love for the people around him. His affection is the type that just melts over you and his intuition for others emotions makes him highly compassionate and aware at even the smallest plight of others. He often is found with his sweet smile to say, "Do you want to cuddle?" as he snuggles into his love ones. I don't want to loose this buttery warmness to gender role expectations, this makes him a great older brother. I know this will also make him a great friend, husband and father. I see this same genuine love for others in his dad, Slim Jim.
When I told Ryder about this series and I would be making him a "pink outft" he immediately worried that people would think he was a girl. I reassured them it would be fine and I would make sure that though it had pink no one would confuse him for a girl. I went to work planning the outfit knowing that the Moto Maxx would be the perfect pattern for a boy look. The next morning I showed him my design and he excited confirmed with one small changes I needed a different monster.

Kelly clued me in on Urban Threads which is where I picked up this monster used. I do not own an embroidery machine so each layer of the design was achieved by stacking and applique. This process took me so much longer by days than I thought (yes I said by days, yes I am slow and a bit picky). I love the texture the layering gives it. After making all the layers I stitched and then roughly appliqued around the perimeter and reinforced the back with knit interfacing.

The attention to detail of the Moto Maxx from Love Notions (affiliate link) made it the perfect base for a strong boy look. The only other alterations that I did was taking in the arm cuffs until it was my desired tightness. I sewed a 8 on top and a 7 on bottom according to where he fell on the sizing chart.

Result: He loves it! He doesn't think that it looks like A girl. Boston wants a monster shirt so she can match her brother.
PS. Would you like a chance to win some fun prizes?
The prize package includes:
One yard of Stenzo Pit Stop Poplin in pink from Mabel Madison
$25 gift certificate, plus a surprise fat quarter from Phat Quarter Shop
One yard of solid cotton/lycra & one yard of coordinating fabric from Purple Seamstress
One pattern of choice from Paisley Roots
$20 store credit from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop
One pattern of choice from Patterns for Pirates
One pattern of choice from Mouse House Creations
Bottoms Up Pants Pattern from If Only They Would Nap
One Pattern of choice from Titchy Threads
Giveaway rules:
By entering into the giveaway, you are agreeing to the following rules:
International entries welcome, but winners outside of the US will be responsible for shipping of physical prizes.
You must be 18 or older to enter.
Winner will be notified via email within 24 hours of the end of the giveaway. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen.

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  1. I love this! My boy has had several Moto Maxx outfits, but I don't think any have been quite ass awesome as this. Great job!

  2. Love this Sarah!!! The pictures are amazing too!

  3. I like you always rotate the Ikea cuteness that is known as the dishes. My girls always fight over the purple, so more often than not their brother gets it! Someday they might understand.
    I wish that my son wore more pink. He naturally goes for green/blue/red because that is what I always had when he was younger. That and my husband says that boys don't wear pink. He doesn't help much.
    I love this outfit. It is the perfect amount of pink without being too over the top. That and the pink is the perfect boy color. Thanks for sharing your process!

  4. You did an amazing job~ I love it and he looks so cute in it!


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