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Extraordinary Girl the Pattern for the Girl on Move

Thanks for all the kind words, we are finally on the mend. Today, we are joining in the Extraordinary Girl top (which is on sale right now $7 instead of the regular $9.95 or $13 for the girls/women bundle) pattern tour. From the moment I first spotted this pattern, about a year ago, I knew it would be such a fun pattern to sew. I love how it is such a great base for color blocking. I couldn't help myself in my fabric choices, now that we are finally coming out of our cold fog and the 50-60s days sunny days. I had to make something bright and sunny to match the way we are feeling. I was able to reach into my stash and find some bright fabrics to accent the stripe fabric. The back is a piece out of a men's tee shirt. I love how this pattern allows you to use your knit scraps.
As soon as Boston saw it she told me it was a shirt for running and jumping. Honestly she wouldn't stop moving all day in this top. As much as I love the frilly sewing it is really rewarding when we both love it and it can be the perfect top for playing (not that she has ever let a dress or skirt slow her down). Her competitive spirit reminds me of her brother and now she is getting tall enough that she is a physical match for him.
Let me tell you real quick tell you about the features of this pattern:
1. Clear step by step color illustrations that are easy to understand
2. PRINT BY SIZE option (I put this in caps because I cannot love this feature enough)
3. Sizes marked by colors and dashes
4. Long and 3/4 sleeves
5. Sizes 12M to 14 (I love when patterns have a large range and after that you can always pick up the Women's version which goes from 0 to 20)
6.  Fabric requirements & cutting layouts for both 1 color and 2 color blocking option
The only change I made to the pattern was accidental, the kids were using my computer when I was stitching it up so I didn't think to look it up. I did my pocket different than it had on the instructions so it is a bit smaller. I also eyeballed my pocket placement putting it where I wanted with the stripes. Honestly it is a straight forward sew that goes together like a dream.

What is on your sewing table right now? Are you sewing for winter still or is your sewing heading into spring? (Just a hint there are more spring sews that coordinate with this look coming up very soon, I really can't wait for you to see).

PS. Before you go, why don't you put in to win some free patterns.

Bundle #1:
  • Filles a Maman 2 patterns winner's choice
  • Sofilantjes - 1 pattern winner's choice
  • Julie pattern by Muffin Head
  • AimeLea & Finn - 1 pattern winner's choice
  • FABulous Home Sewn -1 pattern winner's choice
  • Fancy Schmancy - 1 pattern winner's choice
  • E+M Patterns - 1 pattern winner's choice 

Bundle #2:
  • Filles a Maman 2 patterns winner's choice
  • Sofilantjes - 1 pattern winner's choice
  • Fancy Schmancy - 1 pattern winner's choice
  • MCM Studio Designs - 1 pattern winner's choice
  • MandyK Designs -1 pattern winner's choice
  • Striped Swallow Designs - 1 pattern winner's choice
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  1. I love the color blocking. And this seems like a set, both kids and adults sizes that are worth getting. Now to find the extra cash for it!

  2. I love this shirt. I have had both the kids a women's for a bit, but have yet to see one up. I'll have to make it next on my list!

  3. Oh! So cute! Awesome job with the color blocking!

  4. Love the little matching hair bow too! I'm loving all the versions of this top on the tour.

  5. Thank you so much for being part of this tour. I looove what you sewn, this is awesome!!! The choice of colour is so fresh! <3

  6. I can just SEE the energy rolling off of Boston. =) Cute shirt!


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