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Brindille & Twig Hooded Raglan: Flip this Free Pattern

Today, I am so excited to be participating in the Flip this Free Pattern blog tour from Frances Suzanne. When they offered a spot to us, we already had a lot on the chopping block for February, really we hummed and hawed but then I knew I had to say YES! Even though we were so busy we couldn't miss the opportunity to join in the free for all (sorry I couldn't help myself :). I really am so grateful for the free patterns/tutorials out there, really that is where we got jump started back into sewing. I also find free patterns a great way to try out new designers without any risk, as such is the case with the pattern I decided to sew.

As a beginning sewist or sewist who needs a refresher, free patterns are such a great way to sharpen the saw. Especially if you can upcycle your supplies, Frances Suzanne have a great list developing on their site of free patterns. Some of them I was completely unaware of and will be sewing up in the near future.
Even though I had a lot on my plate I had ever intention of doing an amazing baby boy layette flip, for our little guy that will be joining our family early May. All those plans happened before cold-pocalypse took over my life and now the life of my children. We have been sick for weeks which means instead of being at my sewing machine I have been laying in bed, trying to get out a yell out for the kids to settle down. Which I thought was bad until they got sick and then I had two fevering kids that have alternated waking me up in the middle of the night with their aliments. My usually supportive husband is no physical help as he broke his foot the week before we got sick and is on crutches. We are on the long road to recovery and I look forward to the day tissues, mucus and decongestants are not a part of our everyday life.
The pattern I used for this sew is the Hooded Raglan from Brindille & Twig (sizes 0-3M to 5-6). Brindille & Twig have some really darling designs that have attracted me for the last several months. In my opinion they have the greatest selection of unique unisex baby designs I have seen out there, but I was having a hard time biting the bullet after this free pattern I am hooked. Now just to decide which one of their designs to sew up next.
With all the craziness instead an amazing baby boy layette flip you get a simple sew it by the free tutorial and change hardly anything sew. I did end up sewing 3/8" seam allowance on the size 0-3M instead of the 1/4" called on by the pattern because my machine wanted to eat the fabric and I had no patience for the knots it was tying in it. I really don't see this making too much of a difference especially since I am hoping to use it when he is a newborn and just getting used to normal temperatures.
I think I would have been happier with my results if I wouldn't have tried to stretch the limits in fabric choices. Recently I was gifted this vintage terry cloth and couldn't help but sew it up. I have no experience with terry before this and with my vintage light weight sweatshirt fabric (navy) I was in for an adventure, but not the good kind. The kind of adventure that you don't get to seam rip your mistakes without ruining your article clothing. So forgive the mistakes I made and don't fault the free pattern.
I saved the pattern in my stash for him and hope to sew a more successful one before he comes. I love that the pattern includes raglan sleeves, kangaroo pocket and the hood & pocket are fully lined for ultimate comfort. We will just have to wait one trimester more to see how it fits the little guy.

Some other great baby boy patterns I found but didn't get to sew up were: 
Crafting Zuzzy: Baby Suspender Shorts Tutorial and Pattern Size 3M
(the designer has the full pattern available here, 0-3M to 18-24M)
this mama makes stuff: rocking baby nightgown (I have used this one before for baby gifts and totally forgot about it until a month and half ago)
Homemade Toast: Baby Toms
(the designer has the full pattern available here, newborn to 18-24 M and another pattern here, for sizes 3-10)
Go to Patterns: Baby Booties
I thought it would be fun to make these without the heart punch outs and maybe applique a car or other simple graphic on the toe. 
Go to Patterns: Baby Go to Leggings Sizes 3-6M to 9-12M
I think the fit for these leggings seem pretty unisex safe, I am sure that any sweet baby boy could pull them off with the right fabrics.
Titchy Threads: Little Kid Kimono Set 0-3M
When Boston was a baby in the hospital she kept breaking out from the high levels of bleach used in the hospital laundry. I would send her to the nursery in a mommy brought outfit and she would come back in a hospital outfit this time I am going to be prepared with a decent amount of momma brought clothing so this little guy doesn't have to worry about a rash. The top especially reminds me of the ease of the hospital clothing for dressing but it will be nice not to have all the chemicals.

There are lots of great flips that have already happened and several more coming your way make sure and follow Frances Suzanne this month. You are sure to great inspiration on just what you can make with a free pattern.


  1. Yea for new clothes for the baby!!! Glad this prodded you along a bit.....even though it didn't fall at the best of times for you. Hope everyone is on the mend now...

  2. As I complained on Facebook, we have been sooo sick too. I'm trying to get a few baby pieces made, but it's tough! This pattern is printed... but that's as far as I've gotten :P

  3. I love it! I love how cute and tiny it is! I also LOVE this pattern! I'm loving this series, because I am learning about so many new patterns!! I can't wait to make this one!

  4. Aww, that's really cute! I was working on a sweater to go with my post too, but I also chose the wrong fabric... the neckline stretched out really badly and I don't think it's wearable.

  5. Glad to know that I'm not the only one who hit a few bumps in the road with their Free For All project.;) Hope you and the rest of the family are feeling better!

    The sweatshirt is darling...I can't get over how tiny it is! It'll be perfect for layering when baby boy makes his arrival.


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