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Sew in Tune: Peter Hollens & Lindsey Stirling Inspired

I am very tickled to be a part of Sew in Tune, a series hosted by Melly Sews and Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy. I have watched the series for years but didn't really know how to get involved. After a sewing/YouTube music marathon I decided to e-mail Melissa & Stacy to desperately beg and plead ask them if they had any openings. They were so kind to make a spot for me.
I have to own up to something before we get started it took 3 photo shoots to finally get the photos I was looking for. I am so grateful for my kids and their patience with their mom. As I mentioned yesterday we have been dealing with full cold-pocalypse for weeks this all was happening when I desperately needed to take the pictures for Sew in Tune. (Luckily a large majority of the sewing was done weeks before cold-pocalypse.) It was a little stressful and I was really wanting to be respectful of how the kids were feeling. I really let them decided what level they wanted to take things to. Honestly even though they felt like crud they were really excited to pretend to be their favorite YouTube stars.

This means that we had 1 inside photo shoot inspired by Shadows by Lindsey Stirling. This was really born out of necessity because both the kids were not able to go outside. I am glad that we were able to do it though they aren't my most frame worthy photos, I realized afterwards the kids really enjoyed that photo shoot. That song is one of their favorites. Every time it is on they are always trying to arrange mirrors and lights so that they can make their shadow do something different than what they are doing. I would love to set this sort of scene for them again in the future, all the ones that turned out are great at featuring their personalities because shadows are way cooler than whatever mom is doing with the camera. The only problem I had is they kept shifting the "spotlight"  so not all of them did turn out. This is also the only day I could convince Boston to do Lindsey peacock hair.

Lindsey Stirling
I knew with Lindsey Stirling as my muse I could take it any number of directions since she often does cosplay for her video game covers, but also beautiful feminine looks. After watching days of YouTube videos I decided doing a more casual, layered every day look that shown in Minimal Beat and I loved the flowiness of the directions of stripes on Come with Us. I noticed in most of her videos she frequently wears red, gray and black; Boston doesn't prefer red so the pink in her hair and shoes is a replacement for the red.

For the top: Light weight tissue sweater knit, Banyan Tunic from Figgy's
For the hoodie: 2 Upcycled tees, Bimaa Hoodie from LouBee Clothing (Previously Blogged here)
For the leggings: Scuba knit, Basic version of Dressage Leggings (affiliate link) from Jennuine Designs

Peter Hollens
Ryder couldn't have been more excited to be getting a mommy made shirt. With me testing the Haven Acres collection for the last several weeks he was understandingly feeling like he was getting the short end of the mommy sewn stick. He was pretty stoked when I told him about this sewing project because he likes that Peter Hollens is a Good Daddy (this is a very important characteristic for this sweet boy who's biggest fear for the future is that he won't be a good daddy and his kids won't like him). He thinks it is cool that he likes both Star Wars and Playing X-box.

When ever I put Peter Hollen's playlist on he will settle right down and listen to all the songs. I planned on making him some pants from Slim Jim's old pants using Patterns for Pirates Cpt. Comfort Jeans. I plum ran out of time so instead I matched it with a pair of jeans from Gymboree which have a similar ribbed knit waistband.
I noticed after several Hollen marathons that Peter Hollen wears a gray Raglan sleeve top in a lot of the videos. For the shirt I used the Jolley Rodger Raglan sized up 1 size because this sweater knit had little to no stretch. When Ryder saw the neck band he told me that I needed to make the waistband to match.  I forgot that in sizing it up that I needed to take to take a bit off the bottom. As it currently stands it is a long but he will probably catch up to it in a couple months. The contrasting ribbing is a light gray ribbing. The only modification I made to the pattern was to make the neckband a little less wide, not really on purpose but when I was getting ready to cut Ryder started playing the "what happens if....." game which caused me to loose focus and cut it 1/2" less wide. I like how this looks. I think it really sells the whole sweater look. I purposely cut my ribbing one size smaller because I was using actual ribbing and not just a jersey or interlock. The only thing I would have changed was making the bottom waist band a bit smaller so it would suck in the shirt a bit more. As soon as he put it on he said that is comfy. I was so happy to oblige him!

I love how both these artists have made a name for themselves even though they have been told time in and out that they would never be successful. I really think the reason they have done this is that they work crazy hard and really enjoy their work no matter what. I also love that I can be on their pages and never ever have to worry about profanity or inappropriate videos.  They are example of high standards and hard work gets you where you want to be. All the while they are making great music.

Here are Peter Hollens & Lindsey Stirling collaborations together:  Fields of Gold, Skyrim, Game of Thrones, Star Wars (kids personal favorite)

Thank you so much to Melissa and Stacy for having me. Happy Sew in Tune.


  1. Much love to you and your family!

  2. This is great! I love that these are musicians I can let my kids listen to without worrying about what they might pick up. Cute outfits, and those are some fun photos! =)

  3. Hooray for patient kids! I dread the day mine no longer want to do photoshoots.


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