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Extraordinary Girl Rash Guard

I have found it so difficult to put together a few minutes to sew with our new little guy, with all that difficulty doesn't diminish the need for sewing in our house (Over a year ago, I committed to sewing or finding second hand item as much of the kids clothes as possible. It keeps me busy, but happy that I am not contributing to the fast fashion trends).
Today, I was going crazy so I finally committed to turning a blind eye to my household disaster and spend a few hours hanging out with my machine doing what I love. I knew that I might have a chance of finishing a full sewing project in one day if I sewed a pattern I had sewn before (when Boston dressed her self in this Extraordinary Girl top this morning I took it as a sign).
Boston has outgrown her swimsuit I made her for last years Beachy Boatneck Flip this Pattern and I knew without a doubt I wanted to make her a new rash guard and swim bottom. I loved that she can move freely in a rash guard, I don't have to spend 10 years applying sunscreen. Extra bonus the separate bottoms make bathroom breaks much easier on both of us. I decided to use the Extraordinary Girl from Filles a Maman this year instead of using the Beachy Boatneck I used last year.  I thought the lapped neckline would make it easier to get on and off but still keeping it very modest. I sewed the size 3 straight up because I am hoping I can make this last at least a year if not a year in half.
I went for mostly black fabric since our summer swimming has only been backyard water hose activities while Baby Wayne sleeps soundly in his room. I noticed that she was getting cold with her old rash guard and swim bottoms, I thought that if I went with bottoms then the rash guard should dry faster and keep her warmer.
As soon as the bottom hem was put in she was rushing to get it on. I am not even sure I got all my strings clipped before the kids were ready to go do the slip and slide. I hope that soon I will be able to finish the matching swim bottoms.
The kids were having such fun in the slide that instead of a professional on location photoshoot I just did a in our back year playing in the slip-n-slide for the first time pictures. This way I could also hit the sweet giveaway as part of the Canadian Pattern Designer giveaway. I alreally own and LOVE sooooo many patterns from many of the designers of Canadian Pattern tour, that I was able to participate without altering my sewing to sew list at all.
I hope you are all having a nice summer.

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  1. That floral looks great with the black! I really like that the neck binding for the floral is black, but the neck binding for the black is floral. =) I'd love to know where you found the fabrics. =)


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