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Happy Birthday Katy {Rainbow Dress Tutorial Flashback}

I was probably supposed to have this post up earlier, but in the midst of humanitarian sewing all day yesterday until 2am I forgot that I still needed to get to this. So here it is a rainbow birthday present for a very amazing Katy at No Big Dill. Happy Birthday!
Just over 3 years ago we did a fun little Little Leprechaun and Rainbow Ladies post. And today for Katy's birthday we're sharing a tutorial for making a girls rainbow pillowcase dress.

Now you can follow Nancy Zieman's (aka Sewing with Nancy) sewing video on how to make a pillow case dress out of yardage. Using Nancy's Notions Pattern instructions you could make a dress. 

With Love, Al

1 comment:

  1. Darling! And thank you for the birthday wishes! I felt like an absolute queen on Sunday! xoxo Katy


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