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Plaid Double Cloth {No. 2 Shorts from E+M}

4th of July is a BIG deal with my inlaws with a parade and fireworks. Usually on July 2nd and sometimes as late as 3rd I get a hankering to make an outfit for the kids. My procrastination in the past may have caused a little friction in my marriage. This year I decided to start much sooner and even though these took me weeks to finish (so I am still getting used to 3 kids and it seems to be one appointment after another), I am happy to report these pants have been in the done pile for almost a month.
The fabric is a double cloth I picked up from imagine gnats. I haven't sewn much plaid in the past so it was a new sort of adventure. I am not sure that shorts the best first project for a beginner plaid sewist. I really like the weight that the double cloth have I know that he won't be wearing through them quickly.
I used the No. 2 Pants/Shorts Pattern from E+M . I chose this pattern because I have already sewn it a number of times. I needed these to be a quick sew so I left out the pockets and used serged seams instead flat felt seams (here is last years version with pockets and flat felt seams made from a quilters cotton). I also changed out the woven flat front waistband for a knit elastic waistband. I chose to make them one size longer than I have in the past because is right on the cusp of another growth spurt.
He is pretty excited for all the horsing around there is on the 4th and I think these shorts will be perfect for him.
PS. Isn't his stick horse darling? Mama Shaffer made it for him and he wouldn't commit to an afternoon photoshoot without it so I promised him that we would included at least one picture of him and the stick horse.
Are any of you sewing 4th of July outfits? I would love to see them if you have them done leave a link below so I can check them out.

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