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I LOVE Dresses (laundry not so much)

Gwen Neckband option, I like a neckband that lays flatter so I later folded it over and hand stitched it down.
I am a hoarder of really cool knit fabrics. Okay, maybe not quite a hoarder, but a collector and when I can find them for a really good price like maybe $4/yard or less then I get a few yards and save them for an ambitious day. The projects I'm sharing today all come from the hoarded fabric box.

At the beach with the kids in Gwen Dress
Three months ago our little family moved from Utah to southern California. Now I am just a couple of hours away from the LA fashion district! Scary and I have plotted many times over the last couple of years to go there and now I find myself just a hop, skip, and a jump away. The only problem I face now is the fabric stash. How can I convince Samson to let me go on a mini trip exclusively for fabric shopping when I have enough fabric already? The solution is simple, I need to stop daydreaming of using those fabrics and start sewing with them. I haven't been fabric shopping for almost 6 months.

Gwen Skirt option with performance knit
It may not be common knowledge in the blogging world, but I love dresses. 90% of my wardrobe is a spit of either workout clothes or dresses.

Gwen Dress with neckband option using lightweight cotton/jersey knit
Funny side story for you. A few years ago when laundry wasn't my strong suit (and I put my son in a pumpkin). Haha. I had went to the store in a nice dress. While I was there a little girl asked her mom, "Mom, why is she wearing a dress!?" I immediately responded, "because I need to do laundry and dresses are the only thing I have left." The mom probably dying from humiliation, tried recover from her child's remark by telling me that she thought she looked very nice.

Uptown/Downtown Dress with modified neckband, Sally is in her Otium Shirt
In coping with the new adjustments of family far away and trying to adorn the part of homemaker that has it together, I've been doing some self care sewing. It has made getting ready for date nights (that are too few and far between) and church a lot less stressful and emotional. I also recently started homeschooling and I think it's important to approach it professionally. Each day we get dressed up for the day. I find that it helps me get more mentally geared to teach.

Gwen Skirt option is perfect for school
To start off my fall wardrobe I turned to the Gwen; I love this dress! I can honestly say that because I've sewn up every version of this dress out of completely different fabrics, and each time I have loved the outcome. If you are pear shaped (not much on top with plenty of curves on bottom) this dress could be great for you as well. It's a great way to cast aside the workout clothes of the mom world and not lose the comfort.

Gwen Dress with placket option using interlock knit; super comfy!
The length is perfect! As a kid I remember going to a school presentation where a writer came and told us that a well writ story needs to be like a skirt. Long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to make it interesting. I feel like the Gwen fits this description. Each time I sewed it I did the half length sleeve because I won't have much need for long sleeves here and don't love any sleeve shorter than that.

Gwen Dress with placket option and nautical buttons made using puffy paint
In addition to the various Gwen dresses, I have also pulled out the Willow Wrap dress from this last winter. It is still a great dress and the extra flowyness is great on the days where fitted isn't necessarily best.

Willow Wrap Dress has been waiting to be pulled out for fall
To cap off my fall wardrobe I decided I needed one classically romantic style dress. The Uptown/Downtown Maxi Dress was the perfect pattern to turn to.

Uptown/Downtown Dress Maxi option using burnout jersey knit
You may be thinking that this fabric looks a little bit familiar, and you would be right. When we found this fabric almost a year and a half ago we fell in love with it, bought 8 yards, cut it down the middle, and saved it for the perfect project. When the Uptown/Downtown pattern came out I knew I finally had found the perfect pattern for this highly hoarded fabric.

My favorite accessory is my kids. They make me feel full of joy and complete. My smiles are always bigger with them around.
As far a blogging goes, life is no longer going to step aside for the blog. I'm going to sneak in pictures with my kids in the last few minutes of light in the comfort of my backyard; put my full energy of heart into trying to master the crazy hard job of home-school teacher, and focus on my family. When I share, it will be raw feelings, learning experiences, and things that can make others feel empowered instead of inadequate. Because the reality is that life is hard; there need to be more opportunities to be lifted and find joy in the simple things.

Uptown/Downtown Dress with modified neckband and pockets
With love,


  1. HOW CUTE ARE YOU!? I'm in the process of sewing through my stash, too. But mostly because when I lived in San Francisco I STOCKED UP and it's been a year now of widdling that stash down again before there's room for more :D I love all these projects! Great work!

  2. Those are all really cute! I love that burnout knit.

  3. Love those dresses! you look great!! Good luck with school it can be fun and is not the end just the beginning. so glad you are writing again. Love you!!


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