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Sewing for Kindergarten: Best Laid Plans

Today, we are participating in the Sewing for Kindergarten series hosted by Sewing Like Mad. Last fall we sent her an e-mail begging to be a part of this series. It is honestly one of my favorites to watch every year. Because you get to see lots of fun clothes with cute little five year old personalities exploding out of them.

First days of school are bitter sweet; it's a milestone day where as you were raising that first kid that it felt like the days of kindergarten would never come. All of the sudden it's there and you're thinking, what happened to my little baby? For both of us we discovered that it was best to put the game face on and fake it till you make it.
The start of this school year brought some unexpected twists and turns in preparing for our very first kindergartners. We both started out with the plan to do public school kindergarten and each of us found that different avenues were better fits. Al is currently in the beginnings of finding the sync of homeschooling and Scary is discovering the ins and outs of charter school.

Do you feel like crying or celebrating?  
Al: Most days a bit of both. Even though I'm an teacher, I never thought that would be one for a kindergartner. Some days we laugh and everything goes great, but other days I want to cry with frustration. I sure hope I get better at this.

Scary: I had excused myself to be an emotional basket case for the first day of school. So much that I was going to have my husband take the day off to accompany me in dropping him off. All the while leading up to kindergarten I was telling Ryder that he was going to love school and it was so exciting all the things he would learn.
It was like I had excused myself to morn, the change of my baby to school age kid. But I truly knew what a great time he would have at school.
Ryder informed me that this pose all the cool hip kids are doing.  I must be too old but I don't get it.
When we got the call that he been lottery selected for kindergarten at the charter school (which started a week previous to when the public school started) I only had 4 days to register, gather school uniform stuff and attend back to school night. Somehow this chaos forced me to find calm and I was able to keep my emotions together until half way through the car ride home. Where Boston's crying finally broke through my shell and we cried together. Once we realized together that pickup comes quickly both Boston and I have enjoyed our daily girl time.

And what about your child?  
Al: Ty has always loved school and anything learning involved. She loves it as long as it's hard. When daily themes cross multiple subjects and senses, she loves it even more. She's also having a lot of fun teaching her younger siblings to write letters, read them stories, and skip to songs.

Scary: He is loving school. He comes home and uses his handouts to teach his sister. He has taken great pride in the things he has already learned. Last Friday when he came home from school he asked if I could volunteer in his classroom so I could see what a great job he is doing. He does not prefer his daily sound fluency practice. He puts up with that so he can get to his, 20 minutes a night reading which he adores. He does very well at fine motor skills so handwriting practice he breezes through painlessly.
Question to your kindergartner: What has been the best and worst part so far?
Ryder: I love recess. Friday's where go to school all day and we get to have art and music. I really love art! Friday's, I get to eat Breakfast and Pizza with peaches at the school. They also have both juice and chocolate milk. I like Math group because it doesn't take as long as reading.

I wanted to ride the bus and I don't get to ride the school bus going to charter school. I really wanted to ride the school bus with my friends around the block. I really want to go to school with my friends around the block.

Scary (Ryder's Mom): Let me interject here, I wasn't going to let him ride the school bus anyways so this is a funny one to me. My own life experiences have caused me to have problems with school buses, I don't judge anyone who has their kids ride the bus but I would be a basket case everyday having him ride the school bus.
 I think it has been good for him to make school friends and neighborhood friends. It just makes it a little awkward on the days that he has a different school schedule than the public school, then I am turning away his friends that are ready to play.

Al: Ty thinks the best part about school is math, the songs, the directed lessons and activities. I'm not sure how to make practicing letters and basic reader books more fun, but that is definitely her least favorite part. I think it feels redundant and boring so she drags her feet while doing it. I guess we need to challenge this bright little lady a little more.

Details on Ryder's Outfits (Made by Scary)
I used the Jalie Tee pattern for all 3 of these shirts. After I tried this pattern for my husband I couldn't resist sewing again and seriously have been eyeing all the Jalie patterns, wanting to try them all.
Each tee was sewing double knit I found at my neighborhood Joann a few months ago. Both Ryder and I love these tee's. They were so quick to whip up and he loves the fit. I had these all ready to go with his pants that we had more than enough pairs of pants and shorts until we got the call from the Charter School. They have a fairly strict dress code that these shirts wouldn't work so instead of being his "Go to School shirts" they are his change out of as so as you get home so you don't wreak you school clothes. The details on plaid shorts paired with the blue tee is (blogged here).
The only thing that I have made him that works with the charter school is a pair of E+M No. 2 Shorts. I modified the front pockets so they would work for his dress code. But I still really wanted to make them fun for him so I used some Riley Blake Medium Dot Tone on Tone Green. With his polo these pockets are hidden to everyone else but him. In the near future I can see me sewing a Downtown V-neck from Fishsticks for use as a cardigan and some long pants using the Titchy Thread Small Fry Skinny Jeans.

Ty's Outfit (Made by Al)
Already putting together the school room, I had just sharpened a pile of pencils. As I was looking through the fabric I had on hand, I realized that this would make a perfect pencil inspired dress. To make it, I mashed up MHC Caroline Party Dress on top with our Betty Skirt on bottom. I decided to keep it simple and just make this dress and pull from the closet full of home made dresses for the other days.

After I finished the dress, Ty ran around the house saying "write, write, write, write, write" and moving her feet like the lead of the pencil. The best was later when she tried to use her head as an eraser. It was super silly.

To be completely honest we still see the kids as our babies. These two spent almost every day together for their first couple years, a relationship closer to siblings than cousins. We can't believe how big they have gotten and we don't know how it happened.


  1. Awww, ladies ladies ladies what an amazing post! Thank you so much for putting so much into this and telling us about your school experience...and it certainly sounds like it had some twist and turns :-) And I have to ask you Scary, was everyone at that charter school notified about their luck in the lottery only 4 days before school start? Or did you get in at an extra drawing?
    Your kids are too cute and the clothes looks great!
    Thank you so much for reaching out to me and playing along.

  2. Sweet post! Just love you!! (And the neat things you create!)

  3. This was such a fun post! I didn't realize Al was homeschooling too! The outfits are adorable.


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