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My Favorite Dress

You know those clothing items that it doesn't matter what time of the month that as soon as you slip into them you instantly feel like a million bucks? This is the single most favorite item in my wardrobe. Often time in the sewing blogging world we sew something up and almost simultaneously post about it. We try our best to objectively review but it is hard to know really how something will hold up to everyday use, week after week.

I originally sewed the Everyday Day Maxi for See Kate Sew as part of her testing team. I am just short of 6' with all of the height being in my legs. I usually add 4" to the skirt of any dress that I sew, but with this one I really wanted it to be truly maxi so I laid on the ground on top of my fabric and marked from my under bust line where the heel of my foot landed.
I like the way the neckline is designed, where initially match the raw edges of the neckline and neckband from the inside. Then folded over to the seam allowance enclose the raw edge and have a clean finish inside and out. The directions instructed that you top stitch the neckline with but with the unique texture of the fabric I decided to hand stitch this using a blind stitch binding method. I also hand stitched the hem with a blind hem. 

I had purchased 4 yards of this peach fabric when I found it. I didn't know what I would make with it but I knew that I wanted to have enough to give me the flexibility to sew want ever it was. This ended up being a heaven send for this project, because maxi dresses require such large cuts of fabric (I only ended up using 3 of the 4 yards for this project). 
From the time that I sewed this dress has been my go to dress. I sewed it right before I got pregnant and wore it through the whole pregnancy. For my pear shape the amount of gather in the skirt has been the perfect amount to skim over my bumps without looking frumpy.  I usually show quite early but because of the silhouette of this dress I had people in my congregation that didn't know I was pregnant (because I wore this dress every week) until one week when I decided to change it up with a dress made from Motherhood Maternity.
When Slim Jim broke his foot their was several weeks where I had to wrangle those crazy kids fairly pregnant. Though I had to worry about keeping up with them; I didn't have to worry about whether my dress was riding up or if I was exposed in some way.

I have cared for this fabric by hand washing it or throwing it in a lingerie bag and hanging it to dry. After a year it is showing some wear but it still is the item that I know that always has my back. There is something so important in a Mom-inform about having the thing that makes you feel the part of lady. I love how this dress makes me feel like I am in a knit version of a Jane Austin Era dress.

I would love to hear about your favorite pattern that you have ever sewn for yourself? If you had one fantasy about who you are and what you are doing in that pattern who would you be?

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Now for a special announcement: Obviously the pictures for this post was taken a year ago and this isn't as ground breaking as many of the other posts that are part of this series (Lauren seriously put together a great group of ladies and please go check out their posts because they are amazing). Life has been a little crazy around these parts and I have really only tried to participate in blog tours I feel strongly passionate about to contain the craziness a bit. But this cutting down hasn't been enough, for the time being I need to cut out all blogging deadlines out of my life. My kids and my husband need me to be me the mom and wife who is all in emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Blogging doesn't leave me with enough in my reservoir to be who they need me to be.

When our baby was born he had to spend a week in the NICU due to several complications. One of these complications was with his oxygen saturation. One day while I was there I went to fed him from a bottle and the nurse had given me the regular flow instead of the slower flow that we usually used for him. The milk came to fast and he began to choke on it. His saturation level went down to the 73% almost instantly and in my hands I had a purple baby. It was the most scary moment of my life. Instantly everything in my life was in perfect clarity the things that mattered (my husband, my kids, our extended family, our families goals) and the things that didn't. Luckily, I few seconds later I  was able to get his oxygen levels to get back up by startling him awake and since he has been home he has been very healthy.

I wrote later that week about that experience so that I could remember what I had decided and have my thoughts prepared to you about why I was doing this, but I didn't finish it. In fact I put it away and thought someday it will be the right day to share this or maybe it won't. I so love the supportiveness and sisterhood that is in the sewing blogging world that it has really been hard for me to admit defeat. This last deadline was the nail in the coffin that sewing blogging isn't working in my life right now and it will be healthier for my family for me to say goodbye. I will share with you an excerpt of what I wrote several months ago because they might provide further clarity as to the year long journey of letting go.
This last week I had an experience that cemented so firmly a decision that I have been mulling over for months. It all happened in one split scary second everything was clear and I knew what I needed to do.
Since we competed in PR&P and my legs swelled and bruised from foot to mid calf I began to we question whether this blogging thing was best for me (both for my health and my ability to be a good mother). I rested and came back to it several weeks later feeling renewed and ready to sew.
I committed to myself that I would only be working on sewing projects that excited me and that I believed in (like the dressage outfit for Boston's birthday, the brother/sister outfit from sew a tune, girls bundle up, the extraordinary girl, boys wear pink outfit and finally the top stitchers). For each of these projects right around the each deadline either me and/or the kids got very sick.
Some of them hit durning our cold apocalypse, others had stomach bugs but each one had something big enough for me to need exceptions and/or additional help from family (I really hate doing both of these). I wasn't keeping my head above water and I knew I was putting out people right and left. All this was my mellow version of blogging where I was only taking on commitments I was passionate about.
I will probably stop by every once in a while to show you something I have sewn for kicks and giggles. Pictures of the kids. Or maybe share a new favorite recipe. To be honest I don't know how often or how amazing it will be. I love you and I so apperciate each and everyone of our readers we know many of you by name.

This is only my journey and I trust that my sisters will make their own paths through life.


  1. The dress looks great! I like the look of the Caroline Peplum and dress and the Womens uptown, downtown dress. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Love the dress! I made a similar decision last year and closed my etsy shop. I took a blogging break for about 9 months and I still only blog when I feel like it. My new motto is "make memories, not things" and even though I still craft because I love it, I only want to make things that will be remembered and are special to my family. Best wishes to you!

  3. As hard as it is to say goodbye to something you love, especially the feeling of community and love, you must do what is right for your family. It is so hard when you see a new machine with fancy stop start buttons, and all those stitches, but the littles will only be little so long. Exactly 3.5 years ago my little brother died. At 16. I remember thinking that something like that would never happen to our family. But as crazy as that thought is, life does happen. Things you think will never happen do happen. And when you reflect back, your memories are all you can take with you. The big thing I learned from my brothers death is that memories are what you can take and keep with you. So take the time to make those memories. Treasure them. Write them down. And then go make a new memory!
    Your dress is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the story behind it.

  4. Firstly, I love your dress and love even more the feeling you have when wearing it!
    Secondly, I am a little sad that you will not be around so much in the blogging world, although I completely understand.
    Your littles need you right now...and believe me when I say that they will not be littles for very long.
    Enjoy, my friend!
    We will welcome you back when you are ready.


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