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Sew Ready to Play: Angry Birds Toss

This year for Sew Ready to Play, I tried to break the mold of what I've done in the past by sewing something that could benefit all of us.

The result was Angry Birds Toss by made modifying the Roly Poly Critters pattern from Swoodson Says. The modifications weren't too tricky because the pattern already came with pattern pieces for other animals.

I just took those pattern pieces and kept a similar scale and just adjusted the shapes so it more closely aligned with angry birds. Then glue on some expressive eye brows and a beak. "Wah-La" you have an Angry Bird.The egg was made using five of the six pattern pieces.

Red took no major modification to the pattern piece, just some killer eyebrows.

To make Bomb, I took my main pattern piece and put it in my copier and changed the scale to 150%. I made copies from the top and bottom and taped the enlarged pieces together.

For Chuck I only used three of the six pattern pieces so that he was oblong. To make his feathers I simply sewed together three pieces of felt in the shape of his feathers and trimmed off the excess.

I plan to make pigs next, but a hectic week made it hard to finish that as well.

I hope you enjoyed this project almost as much as we did!
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With Love,

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  1. That is such a fun idea! And goodness, your children are growing quickly!


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