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The Sisters

We are three sisters, who stay busy feeding, dressing and loving our families. Great women have taught us the domestic arts and we try to live and share that tradition with others, and ever improve upon it. As we navigate through life's adventures our relationship with each other gives us strength through struggles big and small.

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Our promise to you is
As we share our experiences, we hope that you will feel our encouragement in your life. We seek to plant a seed of inspiration in your mind. We aspire to uplift your soul to greater joy.  We will facilitate an environment of creativity, as we grow with you.
The Shaffer Sisters

Contact Information:
shaffer dot sisters at gmail dot com

Youngest and Shortest (5'6")
Passionately Intense
Lives in Greater Ogden, Utah

 For as long as I can remember, those that truly love me have called me Al or other variations of Al; Al the Pal, Alfred, and Albert (Einstein- I love physics) have all been nicknames. Not super girly I know, but my ideal escape would be to go play basketball until I am sweaty and the muscles in my legs are so tired they are twitching. My best description of myself would be to say that I am a cross between super particular and easy going. The particular side of me demands perfection and control (mostly manifest in my projects- that's why I enjoy quilts). The easy going side of me thrives to be around people (especially when you can get to know someone one-on-one). Luckily, being a mom of 2 kids and the wife of a student that struggles with school has helped me learn to channel my need for control in ways that everyone can enjoy.
I have been married to easy going, quiet Samson for 4 years and we have 2 kids (Ty & Heber).
Ty, is a bubbly, particular little girl that loves pretty dresses and excelling at everything.

Heber is a quiet, calm, and sensitive toddler boy that takes life at the pace of his easy going drum. Both kids are in the upper 90s percentile for height, so sewing is almost essential to get the perfect fit. My favorite thing to cook is breakfast foods or anything that uses butter (yes, I buy a case at every case-lot sale).

Al's Family:
Husband: Samson
Kids: Ty (3 yrs) and Heber (1 yr)

Oldest and Second Tallest (5'10")
Brave Artist Free thinker
Lives in Northern Idaho

I am Jo. I have six busy kids.  They love being outside and they can cover a half mile in less than 3 minutes- Seriously they are track stars! I have five pretty amazing boys and 1 sweet little girl.

My oldest son Adam used to be known as "Superman" or #1.  We have kind of grown up together, as I was just 19 when he was born.  He is a typical oldest child- Type A personality and dependable.  Momma Shaffer says he is the third adult in the family.  And, she is probably right, as I depend on his help to keep our family running smoothly.  He is 10 years old, and a fifth grader.  He loves school and his friends.  He goes to a charter school, and this year he is in Middle School!  His favorite things are gaming, drawing, running, and emailing his cousins.  He likes book series, and he is currently reading Harry Potter but thinking of switching to Rangers Apprentice.  

My second oldest son Noah, used to be known as #2 or "Hulk" is sensitive and tenderhearted.  He is 8 years old.  He is the man with a plan, directing the play of his brothers with the command of a roman legionaire.  He loves to call Momma Shaffer and tell her everything thats "goin' on".  He works hard at school, tries to be good, plays with his little sister like a champ, and melts my heart with his smiles.

My third oldest son, Larry, used to be known as #3 or "Flash".  He is 7 years old.  He loves to run, eat, tease, and learn.  He takes everything in stride and rarely dwells on the negativity that life so often throws.  He is a budding artist and a walking dictionary.  He always make me laugh, and his dimples are enough to make any girl swoon!

My fourth oldest son, John, was formerly known as #4 or "Ironman". He is 5 years old.  He thinks he is as big as all the other boys.  He gives sweet sneaky kisses. He loves to play, he is a most willing and obedient playmate.  He is determined and very strong willed, but it is his smile that will win his way most of the time.  He tries really hard in "school".  By the time he starts kindergarten next fall, he wants them to move him straight to first grade!

My only daughter, donned the name of Princess from day 1.  Here on the blog has also been known as "Rogue"or #5.  She is 2 years old.  She loves to make up songs and play with baby dolls.  She can often be found coloring or sitting on the floor by "Momma" while I am doing the dishes.  Now that she is a big sister, she wants to help hold the baby, or pretty much anything else that "Mommas" do.  I love having her around!  Finally someone I can understand!!

Lastly comes little James. He was born in November '13.   He is such a sweet little doll of a baby.  I know he will grow before I get back on here to update him.  But, for now, Bud is so fun.  He loves to hear music and see pretty lights.  He only cries long enough to let me know he needs something.  As soon as I come to his aid he stops crying.  He doesn't take to much of my time, but gently lets me know if he needs a bit more.  I feel a deep bond with this little guy, and I am excited to see what his future holds.

I married my best friend in 2002.  It feels like I never was single!  Hubbin was formerly known as "Captain America".  He makes me smile.  He is young at heart, and when he has nothing else to do, you can find him playing with his kids, whether that be wrestling, working on a project, gaming, or jumping on the tramp- he is a pretty stinkin' amazing Dad!  He owns his own business, and when ever he can, he works.  Trying desperately to support this ever growing family.  He is a folded underwear, toilet paper rolls out, towels fold hotdog style, salad before the main course, everything has a place kind of guy. We are perfect for each other!
"Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or Do with out" is an attitude we have adopted in our family. The kids are always building their own board games out of cardboard, and most of our furniture is hand-me-down or built by hand.  I love to paint,  sew, and cook.  The way I do everything seems to be a kind of "play it by ear method".  I just go along adding a pinch of salt, an extra stitch, or one more brush stroke, until I love it, and then it is complete.
 Don't tell anyone, but I have dessert first, and then a salad.  They are two of my favorite things to eat!  I am pretty sentimental, from my decorating to my cooking.  Most of my posts include a story or a memory from the past.  It probably has to do with the fact that I have such amazing Aunts and Uncles, Parents, and Grandparents.  I hope I can be like them some day!

Middle Child and Tallest (5'11 1/2" I usually just say just short of 6 foot because it is quicker)
Introspective Excessively Motivated
Lives in the Salt Lake Valley
Hi, I am affectionately called Scary (aka SarahLynn) by the girls.
I asked Slim Jim on our first date, to carve pumpkins and make pumpkin pie (came to find out later that he hates, pumpkin pie and I am allergic to pumpkin guts), it was like talking to my best friend and we have been that way ever since. I feel incredibly blessed to be married to my soul mate, I can't think of anyone I would rather spend forever with.  His personality compliments mine and supports me whole heartedly in whatever crazy idea I have. In our 6 years of marriage we have learned to work together.  Our biggest challenges have been associated with Slim Jim's Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia.
I am the mother of  Ryder, adventurous three year old whose greatest desire is to fly (which has resulted in a few visits to the doctor).
And Boston (whose nickname is Busy Body), curious toddler girl who loves nothing more than laughing and chasing her brother around.
I love sewing, photography. I am passionate about food, in every way; planning, creating and eating. I can never decide what my favorite dish is, but American comfort foods, Mexican and Italian are favorites. I like my desserts chocolatey and/or rich.
I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Political Science from BYU-Idaho. After graduation I worked for a web hosting company which was perfect preparation for my favorite job, starting this blog with my sisters.

Scary's Family:
Husband: Slim Jim
Kids: Ryder (4) & Boston (2)

Still confused? This should clear some stuff up. 
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