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Last Minute Sewing Helps with Pre-Birth Pregnancy Stress

I am reaching the end of my pregnancy (anywhere from 3-6 weeks now) and I am feeling a lot of tension in my life, every little thing makes me frantic. I think the unknown of not knowing when or how she will come is the main part of it.
I thought I would be less concerned with it than I was with my son because this time I am a S.A.H.M. and last time I was working full time at a small company and the only full time employee in my area. Even though there isn't the same stress as what if I go into labor while I am at work, will I know when it is the right time to leave.At the time Slim Jim was suffering from a lot of panic attacks, I wasn't even sure that he would be able to be there for the delivery without having a panic attack. Luckily it really went well, everything worked out. Rhett was born scheduled C-section (because of his enormous size and the fact that I had made zero progress towards labor) on a Friday afternoon. Slim Jim, My mom and Slim Jim's parents were able to be at the hospital before, during and after Rhett's birth.
Pregnancy at 34 weeks (graphic from BabyCenter). Our little girl is being stubborn though and her head is not down, she is laying across me.
This time the stress level is similar but the situation is different. This time I am trying to think how to get her here at the most convenient time for everyone (during Christmas break) and I am a little scared of my birthing options, VBAC or C-Section.
I have heard positive and negative stories for both. My mother-in-law attempted a VBAC with her second and the baby got caught on the scar tissue on incision line, from Slim Jim. After laboring she ended up having to do an emergency C-section. Then her 3rd she successfully completed a VBAC and she said it was way more painful recovery than a VBAC.
I have also have friends that have felt so empowered by there ability to labor and birth naturally, after the evasive procedure of a C-Section.
One of my doctors is really positive about V-BAC's. The other doesn't like them for people with big babies. Both have the rule that the baby can't be larger than 8 lbs. 6 oz. if she is going to come VBAC. Rhett was 9 lbs. 12 oz. at 39 weeks and 2 days. I don't know if the ideal size will be easy or hard for me to reach with our little girl.
The positive of having a C-Section is I already know what to expect mentally and physically. And the physical part of it is really what worries me. Slim Jim goes to school full time and works nearly full time as well, which leaves Rhett and I home together a lot. I know that after a C-section you are limited to lifting the weight of you baby for the first 8 weeks. Which will be fine for the first 2 weeks when I will have a boat load of help, but it is the next 6 weeks that worry me. Slim Jim will be busy at school/work and Rhett, little girl and I will be home alone. Rhett will need to go "Yucky" (his word for going potty) and he will need help getting up on the toilet or getting his underwear on. Or Rhett will have one of those moments where he will need me to drag/carry him somewhere and I will be unable to do it.
What I really probably need to do is prepare myself for the worse case scenario and plan for the best. I guess the worst case scenario would go something like this:
I go to 40 weeks at which point they induce be because the baby is getting to big. I am in labor for a long time and they decide after several hours of pushing that they are going to have to do an emergency C-Section. Because they don't have enough time then they have to put me all the way under and Slim Jim and I are unable to witness the birth of our daughter. I wake up groggy and in a fog and in a lot of pain because my doctor forgot to prescribe my morphine after surgery. I end up loosing a lot of blood and have to stay for a few extra days.
I will go home from the hospital to find that Slim Jim is incredibly busy with school/work. At this point we will go into survival mode (begging favors from friends and neighbors) until I recover.We won't freak out if the house is far from perfect. We will eat frozen or prepared foods that aren't super healthy but we will survive. Slim Jim will take his clothes to the dry cleaners to get cleaned.
I guess the truth of the matter is that I won't really know how/when things are going to go down so don't worry about it. I wonder if I can keep myself busy enough I don't have to think about it either. I have a few projects that I am sewing up the next couple of days but after that I think I will be making 1 of these:
Hospital Gown picture and tutorial from The Crafty Cupboard
 And make a couple of these to match, for keeping the hair out of my eyes:
Double Sided Headband picture and tutorial by Happy Together
Then I will pack them up with the take Home from the Hospital Outfit for baby in the new diaper bag that I made following this tutorial from Make it And Love it:
2 in 1 Stroller Diaper bag picture and tutorial by Make it and Love it.

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