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Al's analysis of the sisters and their crazy brains

First of all I would like to officially declare that I am definitely left brain functional. I’m not exactly sure what my sisters will say about me, but most of the qualities fit me.
Evidence: I LOVE to plan and have always had goals set for way in advance. I reason through logic most of the time and rarely through emotion. Things need to be said exactly how it happened. On my first real summer job I had I got called "Miss Exact" because of this. I really enjoy math and science (hence the Physics Education degree). Even when assembling the most simple of things, I always read the directions first and double check that I have all the needed parts. I love solving equations, organizing, and bluntly dealing with reality.
Deviations: I hate to teach using lecture and discussion and if I had my choice in the matter, I would do hands-on activities for 95% of my science lessons. I am more into fictional stories than nonfiction. I read sitting up and laying down (it doesn’t really matter as long as I get to read). I think I’m pretty good at sports (namely volleyball and basketball) and I enjoy artistic things like painting, drawing, and sewing.

As opposed to my extreme left brain, I would say probably both of my sisters are right brained (the first much more so than the second).
99% right brained.
Evidence: Things are definitely done spontaneously. Lol. It always makes me chuckle when I get updates on what’s going on in her life. She definitely acts on feelings and doesn’t usually think all the exact details out before doing something. She is amazing at running and has always been into art. I remember with her last baby we were visiting her and she was having labor contractions and painting another masterpiece for her guest room. I’m not quite sure what her ideal classroom is like, but she doesn’t mind a busy, active, and noisy home. I think that’s a really good quality because she has four boys in a row that are all pretty close together and kind of wonderful handfuls.
Deviation: Not a cat lover. I’m not exactly sure about music, books, or studying. Keeping track of time is probably pretty important since there is so much responsibility for her, but I think that this might be a recently acquired characteristic (since growing up, i.e. getting married and having kids).

Even though I declared her as right brained, I thing she 2/3 right and 1/3 left.
Evidence: She often reasons with emotions. Is creative and artistic. She plays most sports, is into photography, plays music, sews things based on an idea she had (doesn’t need a pattern) and they turn out beautifully. She’s really good with people and definitely thinks really deeply about everything. I don’t think she usually reads directions when assembling an item. It’s funny when the two of us are together when a new item needs assembled. Lol.
Deviations: She is always making to-do lists and likes non-fiction biographies and other factual and unexciting things to read. Prefers classical music as opposed to rock and is definitely not a cat lover. She’s not usually unpredictable (but maybe that’s just cause I know her so well). I think she likes to read independently and study in quiet places. I know that when she was in school she would go to the quiet floor of the library to do homework. I could never go here because there was no sort of noise to tune out.

The great thing about sisterhood and especially our sisterhood, is how no matter how different each of us are, we still are really close. With the three of us together we make a dynamite team and a triple threat. We generally support and defend each others decisions. And whenever we are together, we spend hours together having sisters council. This is no kind of formal meeting, but just an assembly in which we all spontaneously end up together in a bedroom sharing stories together. I've been lucky because I am the youngest and many of them have been benchmark moments in my life. I remember when I had my first period. Erika was home visiting and we all ended up in my room looking at the stars on the ceiling and telling funny stories about what each of us had gone through. Time after time we are always there for one another.

It's so great to have a sister. They are the only people that you can truly share everything and know that you can trust their confidence for life. They sympathize with your perspective and let you know that you're not alone in your struggles. I really don't know where I would be without my two sweet sisters. Both have impacted my life and given me the confidence that makes me me. I love them dearly.

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