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Date Night: A Cherished Tradition

Thanks Jo for the great advice on marriage (Marriage: The Theory of the Laundry Basket) for looking for the best intentions in our spouses behavior, because we are all human and usually we are short on time and long on mistakes (I know that I am grateful for a husband that realizes all I do and that I might not have had time to do it all).

You know what? I love this guy!
Slim Jim with our sundaes from Ghirardelli  Ice Cream Shop in Las Vegas (Anniversary Trip)
Not because he has managed to keep his good looks (bonus) but because he is a romantic. He asks me on dates (no big deal you say?). Not just once and a while but all the time! With Slim Jim's work and school schedule it seems like weekly we have to re-evaluate what night and what time we are going to have our date night. I think that if it was up to my scattered brain we would probably only have date night once every month or one every other month. But lucky for me Slim Jim realizes the importance of date night and when he gets his work schedule for the week and looks over his school schedule he usually says something like, on a busy week: "We need to go on a date this night" or on a less busy week: "Would you prefer to go on a date on ________, __________ or ________ night." I then talk to my favorite babysitter, Al, and find a time that works for her.
What I usually contribute to date night is the activity. About a year and a half ago I caught the couponing bug, I went hard core at it for a while but then I found my coupon niche and left behind getting a boat load of cereal or yogurt. The only couponing I do hardcore now is local deal saving. I follow of the Facebook pages of many of our favorite local restaurants and other businesses. I also sign up for all of the text message deals that I can. In our city a group of local businesses have deals every day, the business rotates through the week. These are usually really good deals and it is fun to have variety. Here are example of a few of our dates from the last couple of weeks:
Pizza Pie Cafe - Receipt Day: found out about the deal via Facebook - Buy any item at full price on receipt day and get the same items you ordered for free by taking in your receipt any time in the month of February (Buy one get, one free later). We got a pizza bomb for each of us and then we watched Borne Identity while the kids napped.
5 Buck Pizza - Saturday Deal: found out about the deal via Text Message - $7 for Large Pizza and two fountain drinks. We did a family date for this one which Ryder really enjoyed because pizza is his favorite deal.
Great Scott's - Movie and a Drink: found out about the deal via Facebook - Buy new 90 cent fountain drink and get a free movie rental. Slim Jim and I went to dinner at Wendy's with a gift card his grandma had given us for Christmas. We then rented two new releases and had a 44 oz drink for $2, nothing like putting the home theater to use while the kids are sleeping.
Nielsen's Frozen Custard - Date Night Special: Monday-Thursday all day they have various $5 dollar deals that makes for a nice weekday date. During Ryder's nap we got two hamburgers, two frozen custards, two drinks, two fries and we paid our baby sister (Al) in a chicken finger meal deal (chicken fingers, fries, a small custard and a drink).
Classic move- I learned the tight squeeze move from mom.
I think the biggest thing I have learned in my 4.5 years of marriage is that date night doesn't always have to be on a Friday or Saturday night (it actually will save you money a lot of times and you might get to enjoy a more quiet location if you go on a weekday or during the middle of the day). It isn't about when you go just that you do. It seems like every date we go on helps Slim Jim and I recharge our marriage batteries.
(Rainforest Cafe Las Vegas- Anniversary Trip) After Several Failed attempts of a self portrait this is the one we got and I love that Slim Jim is making this face because he is showing his great sense of humor. That sense of humor is what I fell in love with and what I continue to enjoy with every date night.

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