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Jo's version of Right Brain/ Left Brain/ Center Brain?!

I am very goal-oriented- (left brain)(Marathon, Triathlon, Beacon)
I am emotional- I tend to act on my feelings.(right brain)(If I think someone from my family needs me- I am bound to drive the 21 hours to help)
I am creative and artistic. (right brain)(painting or writing)
I am intuitive (right brain)(cook without recipes- sew without patterns)
I am realistic (left brain)(I rarely read a novel-95% non-fiction)
I prefer classical music-and I never could study with sound in the background (left brain)
Dog Lover- can't stand cats!! (left brain)
I am a left brain teacher and a left brain student (my poor homeschooled children!) ps-thats the right brained side-speaking ;)

Planner(left)(for sure! you should have seen her plans for her wedding)
Emotional(right) (she tends to be cautious of others feelings)
Creative(right) (with cooking, sewing, and kids crafts- she is a super pinner on pinterest)
Precise(left) (ahem-recipe follower-ahem)
Realistic(left)( I know she is a documentary watcher and a poli-sci major)
Sound(right) (I have seen her pandora list-for sure she is a musical gal!)
Dog lover-and I am going to assume left brained learner and right brained teacher
Planner(left)(planned to be straight A student-done, milk a cow-done,Graduate with teaching license before baby #2 arrives-done)
Rational (left)(Awesome ability to follow the plan without being emotionally attached)(I must drive her crazy!)
Logical (left) (Physics major-need I say more?) and creative(right)(Painting, drawing sewing, cooking)
Precise (left)(Recipe following, closet organizing, budget-sticking-to-it-girl)
Psychic-She read Harry Potter-all of them- in a week total :) Actually I am not really sure- but for a girl who is so left brained, I am going to say that she has to unwind with a good mystery from time to time.
Sound (right) (you should see this girls play list for cleaning the house!
Dog lover, but I think she likes cats too. I assume left brained learner and teacher

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