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P is for Positive Peaceful Pregnancy

So as you may know, I am pregnant with my second baby and very excited. The biggest concern on my mind with being pregnant has been my fear of those few intense hours leading up to my perfect angel coming out into the world. I was fairly nervous about labor and delivery before having my first and when I got pregnant again, I found myself I am about twenty times more anxious. Let's just say the first time was a less desirable delivery. With that experience I vowed I needed things must change.

This pregnancy I have switched providers, I am seeing both midwives and doctors, I have my own personal doula, and I'm taking a fairly preparation heavy birthing class with my husband. It is a completely different and wonderful situation. Instead of dread, I really find myself excited for this bundle of a surprise to come.

"What makes the anticipation so high now?" you might ask. Well I'm doing a method and class called Hypnobabies where you put your self into self hypnosis and meditate. Epidurals are not generally needed because your body can produce it's own anesthesia if you can visualize it. I know, it probably sounds 110% crazy, but it does work. Last class we experimented with it by being under hypnosis and our husbands pinched the back of our arm. It felt more like pressure than discomfort. Later not in hypnosis they pinched us so we could compare how it felt. It hurt.

The other thing I love is the focus on a positive and peaceful pregnancy. Everyday we are supposed to listen to a joyful pregnancy affirmation track on our CD. It talks about how our body is normal and healthy, and then it goes on to say that you have control of your baby and the decisions that lead up to it's coming. It says much more than that, but you get the general just of it. It's very empowering and I wish I would've had it with my first.

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  1. Okay, I'm TOTALLY out of the loop and I can't believe I knew NOTHING about this! AAAHHHH! ALISON YOU ARE HAVING ANOTHER BABY!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH I am SO excited for you! AAAAHHHHH I must talk to you. Soon. SOOOO SOON!


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