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Please insert horror music here

I am going to start this "organize my room" post with a little, uhm-pride saving explanation for my mess. This could also be called a "please don't judge me" disclaimer.
This really is my messiest space.
My basement flooded several times last summer and fall. Each time it happened I washed and resorted this mess. The final time being some time in the fall without a "re-sorting party"
I had a baby last summer.
I spent 1 month in Idaho over the summer.
I survived August.
I sent 3 of my kids to school in September, became the schools volunteer coordinator, our church compassionate service leader/ visiting teaching coordinator.
October and November seem to be a blur, but I am sure there is a reason why I didn't clean up this mess.
December was of course holiday preparations, and I started homeschooling.
January and February I home schooled with 5 kids.
OK, now here comes the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad mess in the basement- with horror music.

Yeah its bad, go ahead enlarge it. Yep still bad.
My mother did not raise me like this. She always encouraged cleanliness and organization. Sorry Mom.
So, I made a few scratch marks on the picture.
A. is all of the snow stuff. I need to organize it in to "keep it" or "good-will it" and then organize it in to sizes.
B is all of our excess bedding. I really just need extra storage shelves for this-almost like a linen closet.
C is all of our camping stuff. I think this can find another place to live. Possibly in a big storage bin in the storage shed outside-(It is empty)(I am not really the hoarder I appear to be.
D is all of my extra fabric that was mildewed-it is sad. I guess I should throw this away? I am not really sure how to dispose of unusable fabric in the city (so that is on the to-do list for this week.)
There are two fans, 1 under the pile and one on top. They can both be stored in the garage for the winter.
I plan to paint the wall-anything but that seafoam green!
I plan to utilize the shelves that I do have in the storage room
I also plan to consider covering the exposed floorboards in the ceiling- to try and minimize spiders.
I plan to take out the wall on the right- to expose the under side of the stairs. I want to do
something amazing with that area. but, shhh its a secret, to be revealed next week.
I think my color pallet will be tan red and black.

Finally, I intend to do this between 7 and 11pm each night that I am home this week and next. Which looks like Mon, Tues, Wed., and Mon next week. So 16 hours of work. I can totally do it right? You will get my blog update next Tuesday.

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