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A little sewing in Jo's home

Here are some new shorts for #1.  One thing I learned as I started sewing for my boys, was that they each had some specific design ideas, but each of them needed functional pockets.

 This is #4 giving me the thumbs up, after I added the yellow pocket.
But, now he sees that his red shorts have a green pocket too-so his blue ones might need a green pocket as well.
 This is the only picture I could get of # 2 and #3 in their new shorts.  They designed them and I sewed them.
 These are some bloomers I made to go with a skirt for #5.  I love to sew with the selvage edge, as much as possible- because I don't have a serger.  
 I used another pair of bloomers I had, and cut the pattern from them.  Then I measured #5's waist and thighs, and cut the elastic.  Then I hemmed the edges and sewed the elastic on to the hem.  I pinned it to sew the gathering evenly
 Yes, yes that is my ironing board that I use for my sewing table.  
 Here is the finished product and the skirt and bloomers I copied off of.  
 Now for my skirt.  I took 2 yards of fabric.  and I started to make a tea length maxi dress. By sewing a tube out of the fabric But, it wasn't the most flattering thing in the world.  So, I decided to make it in to a skirt instead. I cut it to the right length.   I hemmed the bottom, and folded the top over and sewed a casing.  Then I added the elastic and again, it was not flattering.  So I took out the elastic.  And I folded it in front of me, so it looked like a wrap around skirt.  I sewed it to where it fit.  Then I sewed some elastic in the back, and vwala!  I have a new skirt.  

 It can blow open, but no big deal because it is sewn together.  
 Finished product on this headless Momma.  

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