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We're home!

We all survived! Slim Jim decided that this year that he wanted to start the tradition of a yearly family vacation. Since he and the kids had never been to Yellowstone he decided that it would be the perfect catalyst for this tradition. I agreed because Yellowstone is close to home that if something went terribly wrong we were only a couple hours from home, I knew the kids would enjoy being in the outdoors and Slim Jim would love the natural beauty the park has to offer.
I will be posting tips for visiting Yellowstone with Young Children in a couple of days when this migraine from lack of sleep goes away.Until then I will be keeping the lights down low and here are a few sneak peak pictures from our family adventure:
Love the Baby cute.
Norris Geyser Basin
Walking back from seeing the Artist Paint Pots
Love these trees paired with the wasteland of the geyser basin and the dark clouds in the sky.

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