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Breakfast ~ Goal: Wellness

Scenario 1:
You wake up to screaming kids, the toddler is going through once again another growth spurt and the baby has teeth coming in. You hold them, cuddle them, read them books, fix them breakfast, try and clean up the mess that the toddler made while you were feeding the baby and changing her diaper. You somehow make it to nap time. Once the kids are finally down you go looking in the pantry to find something to eat, by this point your feet are dragging until you see a short blue box in which you know that you will find double stuff comfort. You start with one and that dissipates some of the frustration and exhaustion you feel, then a few minutes later you look down and realize that one whole sleeve has just vanished in front of your eyes. You put it back and try to pretend that you weren't the one that ate it. 1 hour later you feel the crash....
Scenario 2:
You wake up to screaming kids, the toddler is going through once again another growth spurt and the baby has teeth coming in. You decide that you would all feel better if you ate breakfast, you think over your list of quick nutritional breakfasts. You know that today is going to be a challenging so you fit your nutrition for your needs. You sit down and eat breakfast with your toddler, he is glad to have the company at the table and eats a little more than usual. Afterward you cuddle, hold and read books to your kids. You are relieved when the kids go down for nap time, you think about what your family might like for dinner and get your prep work done. While you are in the kitchen you find a piece of fruit and snack on it....

I have come to experience the truth in the adage that, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day". As a mom of two young ones it is challenging to take time for breakfast when my kids have so many things that they need from me. But when I do I feel better and I have the energy to move forward, with my to do list. When I don't eat breakfast I usually find less than stellar dietary options that fulfill my daily caloric intake but don't give me the vitamins and nutrients that I need to keep up with my life.

Today's Wellness challenge: Make Breakfast.
Today I made one of my favorite breakfasts; sunny side up eggs with toast, sliced cheese, fruit and a glass of milk. It took me less time to cook the egg than unload my dishes (I started on my dishes while my egg cooked). The thing I love about this breakfast is that it has everything I love/need. The egg yokes make a tasty sauce over the cheese and the toast. The banana had the sweetness that I love. And as a bow to my up bringing nothing like a good swig of cold milk.

*note: I am not a dietitian I have simply done research that has lead me to my own dietary opinions.
Now this is a lot of food I know (when I want this and am not feeling really hungry I will have one piece of toast and one egg), but remembering that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" I can't think of a better meal to eat a lot of food for. This breakfast usually keeps me extremely full until 2 when Ryder is ready to eat lunch. I also have the strength and energy to work hard.

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