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Capturing Your Family History through Pictures

Last night I participated in a Relief Society workshop for our ward about photography. I wanted to focus my capturing your family history through pictures. I thought I would share this information here.

Capturing Your Family History through Pictures

As we write, tell or blog; our family stories with pictures our posterity will have a physical witness of where we have been and what we did. If a picture tells a thousand words think how much more meaningful our history will be with the addition of pictures.

Get Close

Get down to the level of your kids so you can capture the moment from their perspective.
Ryder at about 17 months, he was super tired because of the time change he napped for 5 hours straight. To take this picture I opened the blinds, turned the flash off, put my camera on the crib mattress and used the timer to snap the picture.

Just Keep Shooting

If your kids are doing something funny,interesting or are excited about something pull out your camera and follow them around like Momma Paparazzi. And you are sure to capture a magical moment.
Ryder was at our grandma's house running around. He was so excited that he wasn't paying attention to the fact that it was super muddy. This picture change into this next picture within a matter of seconds.

 This is the point where he picked himself up and was in the process of dusting himself off. If I wasn't already taking pictures there would have been anyway I would have got this picture.

Capture the Story

Don’t always focus on making sure every part of the frame is perfect or well lit just shoot the moment so that you can remember. Keep your camera close and don’t hesitate to take the picture because it might show that you have dishes in your sink.
Al had invited Ryder over to a sleep over with Ty and while Al was making cinnamon rolls he got into the flour and covered himself and Ty in flour.

When Ty was just born then Grandma Shaffer came over to help Al and Ty. The other kids were fighting for her attention. They all thought that she should hold them. I call it Grandma Attack.

Take Evidence You Were There 

When you visit somewhere don’t just take pictures of the things that you see but the people that you’re with. Otherwise your pictures might not mean any more to you than a postcard.
Slim Jim with the Old Faithful buffalo
What my Yellowstone adventure was, transporting two kids around the paths.
Visiting downtown Salt Lake City on the train with Grandpa and Austin

Babies: Make them comfortable
Remember food, clean diaper and good temperatures and they will work for the camera all day long. Heating pads are good for keeping a new baby asleep while you are taking their picture. Lighting is really important because their eyes are so sensitive so open your blinds and prop them by a window.
Put the heating pad under the first layer of the afghan.
I used the natural light from our balcony door.
Snap shots of their stages.
Toddlers: Use Props
20 month photo shoot at the park with his favorite ball
Love this picture! And the balloons were perfect for a day where we had skipped naps and the kids were tired.
Saint Patrick's Day Photo shoot. They loved playing at the park and didn't even mind that I was taking their picture
Remember basic needs plus toys or activities. When you have a little one that can’t hold still give them something to play with and just keep shooting.

Kids: Let them be silly (works for husbands too)

Taking Matthew to the pumpkin patch (5 years old).
Kids are naturally silly so embrace that inner silly side and you are sure to capture a natural smile.

Just Keep Shooting

Some days your kids may not cooperate and you might have to bribe them with a treat but when you reflect back on the pictures you have taken and the memories you have captured you will be glad you went through the work, the struggles to capture your family’s history through pictures.

Treasure the Moments

Every day is a gift and every picture is a witness of that. A snap shot might end up meaning a lot more to you and your family than a perfectly posed and scripted photo shoot.

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