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Sewing on a Budget: Part III

Buying Fabric Online
Thought I haven't bought a ton of fabric online but between Al and I we have gotten some pretty great deals. Both of us have had great success with ordering fabric through Amazon retailers. I bought a few yards of a few different types of apparel fabric from through Amazon. One of those was the ruffled material that I used to make our skirts for Nae and Bubba's wedding.
Al has bought charm packs, layer cakes and yards of cotton gauze. Both of us have been very satisfied with our purchases.
My favorite part about this is that I can put things in the cart, think about it, take it out and put it back in and I don't annoy my husband or bother my kids sleep schedule.
I love the great deals that has on their knits!
My Sewing Challenge
I love the blog I love the rules that she had for her sewing projects when her family was in Timor, as her husband worked for the Foreign Service. She had 15 yards of fabric of cute fabric from the US and after she was done with that she had to deal with the fabric that she could purchase in Timor.
I am so lucky to have so much fabric at my finger tips, but often times my purchasing fabric detracts from completing projects. So I have issued myself a personal challenge.
1. No BUYING FABRIC for One Year (Last fabric purchase was June 14, 2012 for the crib sheet)
2. Notions purchases are allowed but only for the projects that are currently on my workstation (because even though I might have a years supply of fabric I know I have no where near a years supply of notions).
3. I will accept donations of fabric, bedding or old clothing from family and friends that would be giving away said items.
Potential exceptions:  Christmas/Birthday presents for the kids. I am hoping not to have to break this for Christmas or Birthday but before I made this goal I hadn't purchased fabric for these events. But I really will try my best not to break it.
Update: I have failed but I am doing an excellent job not over doing it.

What I hope to gain from this:
1. Creativity.
2. Focus: each time I go to the fabric store I find myself planning ahead for ten
3. Perspective: not all people are as lucky as me to have two fabric stores within 5 minutes and 2 more within 30 minutes.
4. Save Enough money to go to LA and visit the fashion district and by fabric $2/yard and $2.50/pound.

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