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What We Wore Wedding/Family Picture Edition

Al's family: Al & Kayleen peasant top with three tier dresses made by Al and her mother-in-law, Brigham is wearing cream satin pants made by Al with a striped tie onesie by Scary (me). Al's hair cut was done by Jo.
My family (Scary): My shirt purchased from Maurices, Brooklyn and I were wearing matching skirts made from pre-ruffled fabric (I used this tutorial to make it). Rhett is wearing a tie shirt that I made using satin and ribbon.My hair was dyed by Jo.
Nae's family: Nae ordered her bridesmaid outfit for herself.
Jo's Family: Boys (#1-4) wearing tie shirts with custom strips made by Scary (me) for each boy, (#5) No-sew tutu made by Jo, Jo wearing a jersey shirred dress from Walmart. Jo's was hair cut done by our friend Rachelle.
My beautiful Mom and my handsome Dad.
The unedited family picture- now to work for a few weeks to combine layers to get the perfect shot.


  1. Allison I had no idea you had a blog! Sister blogs are soooooo fun! Great to see you again and with a new sweet little one! -Jamie

  2. This is cute Scary! thanks for putting it together


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