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Butter Burner {Free Printable} ~ Goal: Wellness

 When I was a freshman in college I took a Personal Health and Wellness Class, where my Professor James A. Lamph, Ed. D gave us a semester assignment called the Butter Burner, which was 1/4 of the grade.

Butter Burner Assignment Requirement:
To get credit, you must exercise a minimum of 180 minutes per week, a minimum of 3 times a week for at least 30 plus continuous minutes per workout period for the entire semester 6 months. Please note; if you fail to meet the minimum requirement just one time during the week, you will receive a zero. No exceptions.

Without that assignment the best you could achieve was 75% (yikes). As Professor Lamph explained the assignment, I was really nervous I didn't want to fail the class but then I realized that the assignment wasn't really that hard it was just a matter of commitment.

As I have thought about Wellness lately I realized that I needed to implement the Butter Burner in my life. I need to commit to my wellness and fitness. I realize now that without a commitment to exercise I am only committing myself to 75% to health.

The great thing about the Butter Burner is that any type of exercise can count (horseback riding, walking, riding bike, etc.) as long as you are doing it for 30 minutes. And with lots of great exercise programs available on Pinterest you will really be able to do what you think is best for your needs.

I have created a Butter Burner Printout where you can track your exercises and set a reward (as a replacement for the grade, make it something that you would really enjoy).
If we can commit ourselves to the Butter Burner we are going to be on the road to lifetime wellness.

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