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Sweatshirt to Maxi Sweatskirt Refashion Tutorial

Anyone who has seen Napoleon Dynamite can faintly remember the horse shirt that he wears in one of the scenes, the thing that some of you that aren't from rural Idaho might not know is that the horse shirt is a true representation of Idaho citizens in the 90's. I remember horse shirts being the coolest thing in elementary, everyone had them (along with neon shoelaces and double pair of socks). My mom went to a screen printing shop when she visited West Yellowstone and came back with one of the coolest shirts I had ever seen. I always thought my mom looked so elegant in her horse screen printed sweatshirt.
Yesterday, Al and I were going through the refashioning pile and I was so surprised when she pulled out my mom's beautiful horse sweatshirt from the 90s. We talked about how we had both loved the shirt when we were kids. She said the last time she was home Mom sadly put it in the DI pile, Al rescued it. We talked about the possibilities, we finally decided on a horse sweatshirt dress (that we later changed to a sweatskirt).

The shirt was a size Large and the skirt was about 2T. Any sewing should be done with a zig zag stitch, double needle or serger; to maintain stretch.

1. Cutting the sleeves and collar off.
2.Seam rip off the ribbing so that it can be used for the waist band of the skirt
3. Cut front and back in an A line style. I thought it was helpful to make the front panel with the design and then use that one as a pattern for the back.
4. Cut ribbing to waistband measurements.
5 Unfold ribbing and sew right sides together (with a small zig zag stitch to keep stretching ability), then fold back.
6. Sew right sides together on sides of the skirt.
7. Attach right side of ribbing to right side of skirt leaving a 2 inch hole for elastic band
8.  Cut Elastic 1 inch smaller than waistband measurement.  (our elastic was 1/2" but you could use larger than that as long as it is wider than your ribbing band)
9. Run elastic through the ribbing waistband, making sure to not turn the elastic.
10. Over lap ends of elastic and zig zag the top of it till secure.
11. Close hole and top stitch over the top of the sweatshirt so that it is securely anchored to the ribbing and lays flat. Tack elastic on both sides to top of waistband so that it doesn't roll.
12. 1/2" of the bottom of the sweatshirt to create a hem (also a zig zag stitch).
You might love it so much that you will be inspired to make a shirt. Just maybe.

For the shirt we cut off the collar and shorten the sleeves on a little boy's undershirt then Al used her darning foot to sew on the back Running Wild.
Maybe we will single handily (okay duel handily) brought back having a horse painting on a piece of clothing, but if not I can think of one little cowgirl that thinks it is great.

I am sure for the people from California or Florida that have retired sea creature sweatshirts this could also be useful for you. So I Married A Craft Blogger

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