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Protecting Your Tools: Simple Way Tutorial {Has so few steps maybe I should call it an idea)

We had a stinky thing happen last week. Slim Jim had his Jack disappear out of his truck. It made me very upset, I decided that all of our tools would be marked. I am never having that happen again without the thief having to look at our name and face his/her terrible decision every day.

This week will be doing a few different options for marking your tools, this is the first of a few coming. This took all of 30 seconds.
Supplies: Dremel tool & Industrial Strength Sharpie
Write name with a sharpie
Carve out the name by following sharpie markings.

Finish by filling hollowed out area with Sharpie!
In the coming days we will have fancier ways to mark your tools but today we are giving you easiest way to do it.
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