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Project Run and Play Round Up of Sew Along Challenge {Fall 2012}

Wow I feel like the last eight weeks have been a whirlwind with the Project Run and Play Sew Along Challenge and extended family fun. While participating in the sew along challenge I drove to Utah twice, half way across Idaho, into Montana to meet my sister with her kids, to visit Jo and her family in their new house (which according to my calculations is 2040+ miles, luckily most of that was on the interstate so it went a little faster). I also planned, crafted and hosted Rhett's 3rd birthday party which was a homemade fall carnival.
Even with everything that was going on I felt like Project Run and Play Sew Along challenge taught me that one day I would really like to compete in the real Project Run and Play competition. Though at times it was stressful I think it was good for me to sew on a deadline. Often times I find myself tweaking project until I am satisfied with the results, but that process can take months. With such a tight deadline I had to set aside time, plan my projects and execute them. With that I also had to change my mind if I realized that I wasn't going to have time to finish a project.
My favorite thing about the Sew Along Challenge was watching other people design and create. It was neat to get compliments but even more rewarding to give them in return. Here are a few of my favorites from the six weeks:
Quilted Autumn Play Dress
It's Okay to be Biased Skirt
Getting "Twiggy" With It.
Jess Dress and Cardigan
Purpledicular Dress (this was made from white sheet!)
18 month old Jacket (white sheet again!)
There were so many boy crafts it excited me because it gave me so many ideas for Rhett beyond shorts, tie shirts or ties. Don't believe me check these out:
Mack the Knife
Hidden Pants
Super Boy
Cool Kid
Jeans, Sweatshirt, Slouchy Beany (great ideas for a boy even though her model was a girl)
I love this outfit for an older boy
Thanksgiving Dinner Time
Crocodiles and tortoises
Rebel Without A Cause
There are so many talented designers I tried to share as many as time would permit but I have already spent way too much time on this post and way too little time on sweeping and mopping my floors (when the kids are asleep momma will clean). Here is a link to the pool you should go look for yourself what amazing gals (their might be some guys but I don't think I have come across any yet).
I was talking the whole experience over with Al last week and I felt so renewed in that I had been able to survive and pretty pleased with some of the things that I was able to create. Here they all here for you to look at:
Optical Illusion Skirt with Matching Shorts and Tie for Brother
Dior Inspired Dress
Surely Stylish Scarlet
Leaf Monster Suit {Mini-Ghillie Pancho}
Thank Goodness for Little Girls Pillowcase Dress
Contemporary Mock Wrap

If you enjoyed our sewing projects for Project Run and Play you might enjoy some of our other kids sewing projects. 
We have some exciting things planned for next week with some refinishing furniture projects and maybe by the start of next week we will be able to show off some of our Halloween costumes for your viewing pleasure.


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my Jess Dress, Shaffer Sisters! :)

  2. I'm flattered to see 2 of my looks up there along with so much other creative talent :)
    And bravo to you, sewing along for all 6 weeks ~ I'm impressed !

  3. Thanks for featuring me, twice! You made my day!

  4. Wow....we're tickled to be featured on your sew-along wrap-up!!! THANKS for the shout-out...

  5. Really cool to be featured on your blog. Delighted you like my designs :) Thanks!
    And wow! to you for sewing along all six weeks. I only made two this time...

  6. awww -thank you so much for featuring my jacket!!!! I had so much fun sewing along ;o)

  7. OH, thanks for featuring my "super boy". I sure loved your designs week-to-week and your always gracious comments.


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