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My Country Tis of Thee

Patriot: a person who loves and supports his or her country with devotion.
(Warning: this may be blunt, but that's what I am. These are simply it's my reflections and experiences)

I am so grateful to be born a citizen of the United States of America. I love the freedoms that we have been given. I love that America's founding was in part so that there could be a place to practice freedom of religion and partially so that leaders could be elected and chosen by the people. So much of what the founding fathers put into the constitution affect my life on a daily basis. Although I didn't study political science like Scary, I still really love the process of politics. Between going to Girls State, working as a legislative page in Boise, and being raised in a family where it was engrained in us that every vote counts regardless of difference of opinions, I couldn't help but love it.

The last year has been frustrating for me. Facebook is probably the source of most of my frustrations. I have seen friends: write things on their status saying Obama should be shot, create groups that boycott the 4th of July by wearing black instead of the typical red, white, and blue, and other kinds of anti-American actions. I have avoided facebook as much as possible until now.

America is not defined by the president we have, but by the people we are and the freedoms we possess.

On November 6th, Scary and I went to vote with our kids. It was a little crazy with 4 kids and 2 adults, but we did it. Scary and I ended up at booths across the room from one another. Needless to say, Ty and Rhett were wanting to be together. Lucky for us, Rhett had a coat with a hoodie and Ty had on bib overalls so they didn't escape. There was one point where Ty had fallen to the ground so I put her on my back, Heber was in the baby wrap on my front, and I was trying to focus to fill the correct circles. We survived and finished our ballot. I am grateful to live in a country where the surviving that I speak of is more of an emotional thing than a literal thing. How often on the news do you hear that people in other countries were killed as they were trying to vote?

That night Scary, her kids, and I went to the grocery store. On the way home Scary talked to Rhett about the elections. She asked Rhett who mom and dad voted for. He said, "Vote for Mit Raw-ey." Then she asked who would win the presidential elections. He said, "Umm...Bock O-Momma." He is a very astute three-year-old.

About ten minutes later we went to a meeting with some sisters in our ward. When the meeting had ended, the elections were mentioned. Scary's academic approach to politics were less than appreciated. She made the prediction that Obama would win the electoral vote and if anything Romney would get the popular vote. Jaws dropped and it was obvious that she had said something unexpected. Haha. I live in a city that is a majority Republican; they are not only republican, but the reddest county in the nation.

Comments throughout the next 24 hours of Obama's win had dooms day written all over them. The discussion the previous night was mild compared to the next day. Most were sure that it was the end of the world. Scary made a comment that made me chuckle, "If it was the right time, Christ would still come whether it was a republican or a democrat in office."

Yes, we should be prepared for the worst, but not because of  what man is in office. Seeing Hurricane Sandy made me more aware that we need to prepare for difficulties. Whether that be a hurricane, blizzard, flood, unemployment, or anything else. The teaching of the church, my parents, and experience have taught me the need for preparation. Scary and I have been working on preparedness and trying to figure out what we would need to survive without power for a week.

Many of my friends suggested we need to get rid of the electoral college and go by popular vote. What I don't think they realize is that the electoral college is to protect the small states. It's good enough to be the system of Republic that governs our nation. Electoral votes are based on how many seats we have in congress. Also, this process was set up in the original constitution.

The founding fathers took wisdom, careful consideration, and guidance from the spirit to create something that was lasting.

I love this country and all it stands for. Even if state and national elections didn't go exactly as I would have liked, I am satisfied. It's all part of the fabulous adventure that I love.

The first day I ever voted. Scary came home from college so that she could vote with me and go to my basketball game. It feels so good to hear, "_____ has voted."

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