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1/2 a Gallon of Oil and a Greasy Baby

Dear Sisters,
Tonight I was diligently working on my project for Project Run and Play Open Tryouts hoping that tonight I might be writing a tutorial and posting pictures for it. Tonight, Slim Jim had to close so after dinner I put on a Dennis the Menace for Ryder and Boston was cheerfully I crawling around the house getting into stuff. But she is 10 1/2 months so really can't get into that much trouble. Or so I thought!
I was taking pictures of my progress (for tutorial writing), pinning and ironing to work on the hem. I think to myself it has been a little while since I have seen Boston but she is probably into the mixing bowls again (one of her favorite places in the whole house). I resolved that I would go check on her as soon as I placed 3 more pins.
Ryder must have had the same idea because he got up from his movie and ran to check on Boston. He ran back into the living room saying, "Boston 'pilled (spilled). She made a big mess!"
I got up from my sewing table immediately12 feet into the hallway connecting the dining room to see Boston poking her head around the corner a large puddle of Canola Oil anywhere from 2 to 5 feet around her in every direction. Don't worry she didn't ruin any clothes she, she was just in her diaper (it was within the few minutes everyday where I let her go naked). She was slip sliding all around having a grand time. And all I could do is smile and know how blessed I am to have my sweet babies. I let them play in it for a minute while I grabbed my camera and started a hot soapy bath. As I dropped them into the water I then brainstormed how I was ever going to get over 1/2 gallon of oil off the floor. Then I thought maybe I should look on Pinterest because Pinterest usually has the solution to every cleaning problem, but I was pretty sure not this one.
I am writing my cleaning solution down just encase someone somewhere on the web has half a gallon of oil spill all over their floor and end up searching for helpful suggestions. 
First I removed my pants so they don't get oil on them.
Clean most of the oil up with kitchen towel clean between swipes in hot soapy water (we don't use paper towels for budget purposes so this might have been easier with paper towels)
Call mom and laugh about it then I listened to her suggestion to dump flour on the floor.
Sweep up the floor.
Mop with the Homemade Mop Solution trying to pick up all the oil-glutenous balls.
My sister stops by chat so I put my pants back on to answer the door but tell her briefly what happens and why she can't come in. She suggests corn starch (a texture I hate. I decided to follow her advice and I had great success with it clinging to the remainder of excess oil.)
I then dump out the mopping solution and replace it with vinegar/water mix and finally it was good enough to walk without slipping.

As I was cleaning I got thinking about how so often as mothers we drop what we want to do most at the moment and put our children's desires and needs first. I had a fair amount of reflecting time between coats of clean up, and I realized that right now is just the beginning of that saga. Now it is putting two greesy kids in the tub to clean up the oil off of them before they go to bed. In a few years it might be going to talk to their teacher about a problem. And when my children are my age I might become for them what my mom has become for me the person that provides them with encouragement, compassion and direction when I am feeling sad and need a reminder what is really important in life.

Now off to sewing before the kids wake up! I think this project might be one of my favorite projects I have ever sewn. I look forward to putting it on Boston.

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