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Just Keep Swimming

Yesterday I submitted my Pretty Tangerine Poppy Dress to Project Run and Play Open Auditions. I spent all of my extra time this week on it (staying up extremely late one night). I felt like I did the very best that I could and I wouldn't have changed a thing about my design.
Yesterday, after naps Slim Jim's Grandparents took us out to dinner and I was so proud how pretty our baby girl looked. After dinner we went to the hotel with them and spent a couple of hours talking in the lobby as the kids played, using the furniture as a jungle gym. I was so pleased with how well my design fit Boston and accommodated her movement. She was able to get up, down and move all around, but still look classy and graceful.  
When I went to Project Run and Play Website this morning and saw that I didn't make the top 5, I was disappointed and sad (there were a few little slow rolling tears). Then I looked at the pictures of Boston in her outfit and I was reminded the reason why I sew.
It isn't so I can be a household name blogger. It is so that I can have my kids wear high quality clothing that fits their personality and body shape well. Our tight budget makes it hard to clothe our kids even in the cheapest options (used baby clothing or Walmart) and I am usually disappointed by the quality and fit. 

I am grateful for how Project Run and Play (both the open auditions and the sew along challenge) have pushed me to become a better seamstress and have given me a sewing community that  is supportive and kind. I look forward to further participating along with P.R.and P. as long as I feel it is best for me to do so. I have never had the pleasure to met any of the women that I am sewing with but I am impressed by the comradery among the participants. Each working toward the same goal of sharing love through stitches for the children in our lives.
Congrats to all those that did make it to the top 5. I look forward to seeing who all the designers will be this season and to start thinking about the themes.
Today, I am working on finishing all of my undone projects so that going into 2013, my unfinished project queue can be zero. I am joining Design by Sessa's FINISH WHAT YOU START IN 2012 Flickr Group and probably going to overwhelm it with entries.

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  1. I hopped over from PR&P and wanted to encourage you! The dress is precious, and you're right -- it's a satisfying feeling to clothe our babes in something as unique as they are. Merry Christmas!


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