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Trouble shooting and maintaining a garbage disposal

So your garbage disposal is not working eh?
Mine wasn't working today either.
So I googled it!  What did our mothers do without Google?  

Did you know you were supposed to maintain your garbage disposal?  No.  Me neither.
So, if your reading this and thinking, "poor sap, her garbage disposal doesn't work"- go throw some ice cubes and lemon peals down your disposal for good measure.  And don't forget about tossing some baking soda down the drain every week.

OK, now on to the not working part
My garbage disposal was making a humming noise.  Apparently that means something is stuck.  They make a tool for that.  But, I didn't know, that's why I had to Google it.  
Warning* did you know that your never supposed to put your hand down in to the garbage disposal hole thingy?  Yeah I didn't know that either.
OK so we are on to the handy tool part.  You just stick that tool that kind of looks like an S shaped allen wrench into the middle hole on the under side of your disposal.  

Now spin it, until it spins freely.  
-now turn the water on and then turn the disposal on.  Does it work?  Great!

If there is no sound when you turn the disposal on, you should push that little red button- that is shown in the bottom right corner.  That resets the power.  If that doesn't work, Google it! :)


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